12 Fancy Window Treatment For Patio Doors Ideas

A plain patio door made of a big sliding glass basically it’s already good. But imagine if you can enhace it to the next level with a fancy window treatment!

It is 2019 and yet many people still use an outdated plastic blind to cover their patio doors. It is ironic that they are not optimized what the have properly. A window treatment is not just used for over-light filter, it can also be a nice enhancement to make an eye pleasuring patio door.

We have collected 12 coolest patio door’s window treatment ideas for you.

1. Clean White Shutter

A clean look is instantly appear when a white wooden shutter installed near a warm wooden flooring.

White wooden Shutter / image via Stanfieldshutterblog.blogspot.com

2. Grey Woven Draperies

Like a rain drop. Watching a draperies like this is a massive relaxation.

Semi Transparent Woven Draperies / image via hunterdouglas.com

3. Grey Honeycomb Shades

This is the most common trends in terms of window treatment. Outside light will softly filtered by this honeycomb shade.

Soft light filtered by honeycomb shade / image via hunterdouglas.com

4. Woody Brown Curtain

At the first glance, this shear curtain looks like an exotic wood skin. If you got plenty of wooden furniture inside the nearest room, never think twice to choose this woody curtain.

kitchen curtain patio door / image via ylnyi.com

5. Blue Ocean

Blue is a refreshing color. A relax feeling comes instantly once you see a blue window drop curtain like this.

Droping blue indigo curtain / image via deepthoughtsbycynthia.blogspot.com

6. Natural Sliding Panel

Tightly woven shades made with eco-friendly materials gives a natural shade.

Bali sliding panel / image via blindsgalore.com

7. Bamboo Looks Vertical Blind

It is indeed looks like a bamboo that arranged in line to cover a patio door. But you don’t need to use a real bamboo because it is substituted well by this shear curtain.

Bali Natural Blind Series / image via blindsgalore.com

8. White Panel Track

Cream color usualy choosen when we want to add a warm feeling in our spot. So does this slided curtain act very well to bring a warm atmosphere.

Clean white panel track / image via stevesblindsandwallpaper.com

9. High Transparent Texture

A Maroon shade combined with a white one. Even more perfect with a shining tree branch texture.

modern tree branch texture / image via bonprix.de

10. Invisible Circle Pattern

The almost invinsible circle pattern inside the grey design makes it look modern.

Grey and White Circle Pattern / image via curtains.kidsdevelopmentguide.com

11. Liquid Style

The liquid pattern at the edge of each side reminds us of a music equalizer visualization.

Transparent Shade with Liquid Design / image via hausrobinson.de

12. 3 Color Strip Shade

The 3 color strip looks like it is just hanging in the air. Bring a nice look for everyone who see it.

3 colors strip curtain / image via bonprix.fr

Beautiful isn’t it? Now you have tons of inspiration to upgrade your old patio door into a brand new look.

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