20 Brilliant Window Treatments For French Door

French doors usually is a focal point because of its unique ambiance. By adding some treatments for your window French door, will not only looks pleasing but also keep you away from prying eyes.

Covering your window french door with an awesome treatments brings many benefits. A basic French door usually allows plenty of light to come in. Sometimes it goes to much and starts to annoy.

Another problem is that when in the summer, the sun’s glare can be a big energy consumer of electricity in the room cooling. So it is obvious that treating window french door can give much of advantage.

Since everything should be done in a style, we have collated 20 very best window French door treatments ideas for you.

1. Woven Covers

A brown shade that becomes a sunlight filter can reduce a significant amount of light and heat from outside.

Provenance Woven/ image via blindsdesigns.com

2. Shutter Treatments

By using a shutter, the amount of light that passes through the window can be adjusted as you wish.

Shutter For French Door/ image via decorview.com

3. Royal Blue Pleated Blind

A solid blue vertical blind is good to be applied in a bright room.

Blue Pleated Blind/ Image Via blinds-2go.co.uk

4. Contemporary Patterned Vertival Blind

Rolled paper with a contemporary design is a good replacement for your old classic monotone design.

Flower Blind Cover / image via headquarter49.com

5. Cooling White Shade

A white cover is a good filter from outside heat. As the blind provides some shade, it will also cooling down the temperature of the room.

Hana Platinum White Blinds / image via blinds.com

6. Luxurious Curtains

An over height curtain with the right color choice will significantly brings luxury into your house.

High Window Curtain / image source decoist.com

7. Sliding Panel

A simple grey sliding panel blinds are perfect matches with shabby interior design.

urban grey panel / image via homedepot.com

8. Roman Shades

A middle age blinds style is a good choice to be applied over your french door.

Roman Texture Curtain / image via mellaniedesign.com

9. Modern Asymmetric

Flat light blue blinds with one sided design can bring a modern look to your french door.

flat blue shade with modern design / image via bosfitness.co

10. Faux Style

Bring the tribe atmosphere inside your home by using this faux curtain design as your French door cover.

Ikat Faux Roman Style / image via Etsy.com

11. Industrial French Door

An industrial style door with black sills is best suited to a dark curtain. Purple might a good choice to be used.

Purple Curtain For Industrial French Door / image source windows-doors-uk.co.uk

12. Abstract Art

If you are an extraordinary person, this abstract painted glass door is the best match for you.

Abstract Painted Window Cover / image via cgs.org.uk

13. Atlas Map Window Glass Cover

A vertical rolled french door cover is a multifunction window cover that is also a versatile idea to be applied inside your house.

Rolling Curtain Map / image via budgetblinds.com

14. Double Layered Curtain

At some space, you need to make a total blind to divide the mood inside and outside of your house.

Brands Hover Curtain / image via rowleycompany.com

15. Contact Paper For Window Glass

A cute contact paper is good choice to be applied in your French door’s window.

Window Film / image via designsponge.com

16. Frosted Window Panes

This frosted texture glass is good to be used between 2 rooms. However, the glass still can’t filter the light well. But, it is a good idea if you need to prevent a stealing glance.

frosted texture french door glass / image via decoist.com

17. Bamboo Rolled Curtain

A light brown color rolled curtain is a beautiful cover for your french door.

Bamboo Curtain / image via nilesh.me

18. Low Saturation Curtain Design

Bring a cozy feeling inside your house by adding this variation pattern curtain.

Warm Design Curtain / image via overstock.com

19. Natural Green

A gradational horizontal curtain can bring an extra natural atmosphere inside your house.

Cozyland Long Crush / image via Amazon

20. Colorful Ornaments Paper For Glass

Lastly, a super dynamic window cover design. This will transform your boring french door to be a brand new fresh design.

Sticker Paper For Window / image source decoist.com

The choice is all depends on how do you want your house to look like. It have to be matched with the other decoration design.

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