20 Beautiful Windows Box Planters Ideas

At some point, we feel bored with the look of our window. Adding a planter box outside your window is an ultimate way to refresh your view.

There are many ideas you can use out there to create your own window box planter. The important point about adding planters outside your window is that it will instantly bring freshness to your house’s facade.

When you need a quick result in this project, you can buy it online. But if you wanna enjoy every refreshing process in making your own window box planter, a DIY project is great for you! Choose the best idea you love from this inspiration below.

1. Wood Strips Window Box

A playful colored window frame will be completed by the presence of a white striped wooden window box.

Bright colored window box / Image source: Midwestliving.com

2. Farmhouse Style

A rustic wood combined together as an offset frame and window box in a simple but effective touch to give a classic look.

Rustic wooden window box. Image via Kecot.co

3. White on White

A clean look easily comes when a white window frame and wall meet with a white window box.

Red Flower on window box. Image via Poserforum.net

4. Straw Look Planter Box

Get a nostalgic feels by using a countryside style window box. Simply add dry grass as a prime frame to your planter.

Unique straw look planter box. Image via Livingginafairytale.tumblr.com

5. Over The Brick

A neat installation of a brick wall is a beautiful background for green leaves and red flowers.

Red Roses Over Brick Wall. Image via Architecturaldigest.com

6. Honest Grey Window Box

You got to believe that grey symbolized an honesty. Combine it with a grey and low saturated succulents to make it even perfect.

Grey Planter with succulents. Image via Garden.babaliktesti.org

7. Harmony Of One Toned Color

Blue windows accessories when placed next to a blue window box is simply brought harmony. Bring more harmony by placing a blue wooden chair in front of it.

Light Blue Window Box. Image via Southernliving.com

8. Fake Flowers

Absolute artifice, Fake sweet peas are paired with fake black mondo grass.

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fake plants. Image via: Architecturaldigest.com

9. Regimen of Topiary

Shaping some plants in a topiary style to imitate a cypress shape.

Cypress Shaped Topiary. Image via Architecturaldigest.com

10. Low Budget Wooden Box

An unfinished look of wooden planter box outside your window. Adding a quick modesty for people who passes by.

Simple wooden window box. Image via Aacmm.com

11. Black Is Always Elegant

A black-shiny window box will be a good choice to bring elegance.

Mayne Valencia Black Resin. Image via Lowes.ca

12. Customized Text Window Box

Add a funny quote or the name of your beloved cat over your window box. Attract passersby with a unique label.

customized window box. Image via Homebnc.com

13. Natural Branches Window Box

For those who loves a cute and natural DIY project at the same time will definitely love this double framed branches window box.

branches framed window box. Image via Homebnc.com

14. All Black

A mystic feels sometimes hard to make by your home decoration. This black window box filled with a black leafs easily generates a mystical feel of your house.

Black Leaves on a black planter box. Image via Architecturaldigest.com

15. 3 Color Combined

Combine 3 color neatly to symbolize a national flag or other things you like.

Color flower combination. Image via Homedecraft.website

16. Shining Blue Flowers

A white or black painted wall will make blue flowers shine out with high contrast.

Contrast Blue Flowers. Image via I.pinimg.com

17. Gorgeous Rich Composition

Arranging plants and flowers to make a wedding bouquet look, then you can adore the gorgeous of your masterpiece.

Full Color Flowers Window Box. Image via Justagirlblog.com

18. Red Flowers Brutality

Adding red colored flowers such as Red Roses in a huge number will bring a whole different feel on your window box.

over-red window box. Image via Flickr.com

19. Soft Touch

A white window frame with a tend to cream is a soft component. Then place a white window box to make it even softer.

Soft colored window box. Image via Trendedecor.com

20. Dog-eared Fence Window Box

Cut the top of your unused wooden fence, then arrange it in line to make a dog-eared window box.

Fence-like window box. Image via Makeit-loveit.com

Hope you guys are inspired with those 20 window box that we have collated. Now is your turn to make your own!

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