Complete Tips How to Install Vertical Window Air Conditioner

Fighting a high temperature in the summer is a common problem for many people. But, when you have a narrow window, installing a vertical window air conditioner might be the best solution.

Basically, the type of window that often used in a crowded city is narrow and high. The architect designed such a window type to match it with the concept of the small apartment. Since most of the window apartment designed like that, installing a vertical air conditioner window will be easily suitable.

Buy the right air conditioner for a vertical window on your favorite store. Avoid thinking of having a regular window installed vertically. It will be a big mistake because it will not function well. Besides, it will only drain your money significantly.

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We have collected the best guide for you to set up a window air conditioner vertical unit, so it will work really well.

1. Window Slot Measurement

You have to get the right size to fit your window. Firstly, measure the width of the inside window sill. Then, measure the height of the window when it is open. Make sure that the height is fit enough to have the unit installed well.

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2. Install The Casement

It is a cabinet where the air conditioner unit is placed. The most important thing is to make sure that the cabinet matches the size of your window and your AC unit.

3. Place The AC Into The chassis

It is okay if your AC unit is leaving a space around the cabinet. You still can fill the space styrofoam or paper tape to make an air vacuum sealant.

4. Screw To Strengthen The Boundary

Screwing the cabinet to the AC unit is vital. You can make sure the security by doing this.

5. Additional Weather Shield

You can use weather stripping to seal the AC securely. The main disturbance of the AC unit is when the rain comes. This can keep out drip from rain, the extra heat from the sun, and other natural disturbances.

The last thing to do is to make sure that there’s no open space that can lead to a leak. The area around the installation should be air-tight. Finally, turn your AC on to enjoy a cold and fresh air.

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