7 Under Stairs Storage Ideas To Make Your House ‘Bigger’

Have you ever thought that your house still has so much potential space to put your stuff? Optimize your stairs and get ready for the magic.

Small house trends are developing among the people. There are many different reasons people choose to stay in a tiny house. some of them with the financial problems, some others motivated by the desire to live a minimalist life, the other reason is just simply following trends.

Whatever drives them to do it, they all have the same problem afterall. Lack of storage space is always the main thing when we talk about a tiny house. One of the best potential component to optimize is your under stairs. By doing some creativity in this area, you will be amazed by the result you got. Here are some ideas to be applied to your under stairs.

1. a Bookshelves

Books is a great companion for ‘me time’ at home. Unfortunately we often have trouble in reorganize our books. By adding racks to your under stairs, you will get easier to make it look nice and well organized.

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bookshelf. Pict Source: smallHouseDecor.com

2. Hidden Pantry

It’s a good idea to put your jars and another foodstuff in your organized space. An under stair pantry will not just help you add more space, but also protect your foodstuff from external disturbance such as fungus.

pantry. Pict Source: : http://www.pixiedecor.com

3. Shoes Rack

Sometimes we have problems with the bad smell of shoes. It is also embarassing when our friends or family visiting our house and they found that ‘treasure’. A good hidden place is a great place to store your shoes.

shoe rack. Pict Source: https://www.the11best.com

4. Clothes and Wardrobe

It is not always a space saver, but sometimes it can also be a display space to show your collection off.

clothes & Wardrobe. Pict Source: http://www.diyhowto.org

5. Working Space

Modern society push us to have a unique style of working, that is remote working. Sometimes when we are bored to work in the office, we choose to do it in our home.

working space. Pict Source: https://homemydesign.com

6. Bike Storage

The garage is often ruled out because it takes up a large place. Some light vehicles such as bicycles can be stored under the stairs.

bike storage. Pict Source: https://www.brit.co/

7. Relaxing Spot

A new comfortable place to relax will attract family members to stay. This will add warm and comfort atmosphere to your house.

relaxing spot. Pict Source: http://www.quinju.com

Now it is your turn to apply those ideas to your home. Tiny space doesn’t mean you can’t keep your stuff organized. By using some creativity, you can make your home feel even bigger.

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