These Tricks Will Show You How to Paint Interior Doors Like a Pro

Over time the interior doors of your home will start looking a bit grubby and worse. This is especially true if you have little ones running around all day. If money is flush and you fancy a change, you could invest in new doors from a local builder’s merchant or online from a company.

That was until we realized how much doors can cost and found other, more important things to spend our money on. If your budget won’t stretch that far, the next best option is to paint the doors you already have.

In this post, we will share you some tricks on how to paint interior doors. Hope you’d enjoy and execute your doors well and beautifully!

1. Prepare your working place

You don’t need to remove your interior doors from their hinges, so simply place a newspaper, tape or a plastic sheet underneath the door to catch any drips. Remove any doorknobs or locks and keep it in a safe place.

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2. Sand the surface

Use a sandpaper to get the door  as smooth as possible. Its best to try and avoid making it look too ‘polished’. The paint will stick better if the surface has a small amount of grip.


3. Prepare the materials

If you’re painting a flat door with no paneling or molding, you might have to choose a 4-inch (10cm) brush or a small roller. And if you are going to paneled paneled doors, you’ll need a small 2-inch (5cm) brush.


4. Dampen the surface

Use a sponge or a cloth to slightly dampen (not soak) the door surface. This trick will help to increase the time the paint takes to dry, giving you longer to apply it and reducing brush marks.


5. Apply the primer

Using a good quality primer will help the paint glide on more smoothly. Apply one coat of primer suitable for wooden surfaces and let it dry. You can check the drying instructions if you’re unsure how long it takes.

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Wood Paint Primer

6. Painting time!

Apply the paint in broad strokes across the surface of the door. And if you can, try and avoid going back over surfaces already painted. This way will help you create an even finish. We recommend you to apply two coats, allowing the paint to dry fully in between each coat. Once the door is painted and dry, replace your hardware and admire your work!


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