Trendy Ideas of Designing your Kitchen Counter Top for Unique Remodeling

Kitchens play an essential role in determining the price of the house; therefore, it is vital to pay close attention to the kitchen designing. The kitchens interior is majorly occupied by the cabinets and an easy access counter where all the activities are coordinated from. Therefore, to get the attention of the buyers in the market, you need to come up with unique designs for these parts of the kitchen. However, as much as the designs are unique, you should make sure they are attractive to the eye. The kitchen countertop is crucial parts of the kitchen as it is a typical contact point when cooking is being done in the Kitchen space. As it is such a critical area, proper designing goes a long way in determining the price of the Kitchen. Below are trendy ideas of designing your kitchen countertop for unique remodeling. 

Add A Colored Back Painted Glass Countertop 

Glass popularity as an interior design material has skyrocketed over the past year because of its simple and clean finish in the house interior. It sophisticated finish has rendered it to as a classy, vibrant material that makes the interior of the house virtually attractive. This has contributed to the use of it in different places in the kitchen. The back painted glass is one of the glasses that can be used as a kitchen countertop.  As its name suggests, it can be described to as clean regular glass that is painted on one side that renders the other side opaque too. It’s advantageous because it is available in different colors to the client giving him more options to choose from for his countertop. The choice of the best color of the back paintedglass would depend on the color of the other kitchen décor as the colors are supposed to be seamless without much interference. However, the client’s decision may also depend on your taste and preference. As it is since the space being modified is yours; therefore, you have the option of switching up the color as much you want. You can make it even look much better by adding an LED light to the countertop. A colored countertop adds to the ambiance of the kitchen and gives the space depth to space. To make the design stand out to make sure that the countertop matches the backsplashfor uniformity purposes. 

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The Old School Glass In The New Glass Countertop 

Apart from the back painted glass countertop, a pure glass countertop is another way that you could make the kitchen look much better. A glass countertop is a classic look that makes space look sleek and at the same time maintaining the simple yet sophisticated feel. Glass is considered to be among the best material for the kitchen area because of its clean appearance. A kitchen is a rather clean and hygienic area where the use of a material that is easy to clean and with no complications whatsoever. This makes glass the best because of it’s easy to clean property, it is cleaning regularly entails just easy wipe downs with a smooth cloth, to avoid it from being scratched, and a local glass cleaning detergent. However, you should consider the type of glass you are to use before deciding to construct with any glass. This is because many glasses have different properties. Also a glass backsplashwould make the glass countertop look better. The best kind of glass to be used in this is the tempered glass because of its strong characteristics combined with its resistance to a high level of heat.

Rock Solid Concrete Countertop 

A concrete countertop is trending as the few countertop styles that are unique and cheap to install. This is a layer of concrete cemented on the top of the kitchen counter. Its hardened characteristics make it one of a kind. Given that it is concrete, you have a great variety of designs that you can pick from because it might as well be molded to the shape and desire of the client by the manufacturers. Also, with it comes the great variety of color that can be easily be applied on the concrete block. However as much as it is durable, it is always bound to crack or break at one time. This works as a significant disadvantage. 

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Flash Countertop With No Hanging 

This is modern countertops designs with no protruding edges. It is common for the different countertops to have edges that extend by a few inches. This is a beautiful design made especially for such jaw-dropping first impression. The minor change make a huge difference in the sense that it cuts down on the material used. adding to the fact that you can use the other designs and ake the same product. It is therefore also a suitable solution that should be considered when designing countertops. 

Flawless Waterfall Countertops 

This is types of countertops that have a seamless transition at the edge of the counter which allows the counter to continuously flow. The creates a continuous link between the corner and the vertical countertop which acts as the base. The constant flow is pleasing to the eye; thus, it aesthetically improves the appearance of the kitchen space. The lack of an edge makes it even better since it acts as a solution to the various accidents that happen with the involvement of the corner. 

Mixed Material Countertops 

Mixed martial means the combination of two or more materials that design countertops. for example, using wood and metal to make a half-metallic and wood countertop. The combination of both the materials translates to the production of a countertop that is the best of both worlds. Therefore, you are advised to first seek knowledge about the various countertops before deciding the kind of combinations that you want. Logically you ought to find the best two materials and come up with a more functional countertop which would be better when compared to a single material countertop.  

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