Low-Cost Toilet Installation DIY

Toilet installation is not as complicated as you think. You can even get it done easily by your own effort. It is a game changer that will save your money.

For some people, installing a new toilet seems impossible without any help from a plumber. This article will explain more about how to remove an old toilet and change it with the new one.

Removing an old bow / image via intlorange.com

Measure The Free Distance

Before deciding which toilet unit to buy, make sure it will fit the same way as your old toilet. A standard toilet has 12″ free distance from the wall. If it so, any standard toilet will be okay to buy.

Remove Any Water Left

In order to remove any water inside the toilet unit, firstly you need to stop the water supply from the wall into the toilet tank.

After that, flush the toilet several times to empty the basin and bowl. This might not completely remove all the leftover water, so you need to use a sponge or towel for the ultimate water removal.

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Unscrew The Bolts

To remove the basin from the bowl, the first thing to do it unscrew the tank bolts. When the bolt job is done, you can lift up the tank carefully. Place it in a convenient space so it will not make any contact with harmful bacteria.

Removing The Bowl

Break the sealant of the toilet to ease removal. Move the bowl away carefully.

Once the bowl has been successfully removed, clean the remaining wax around the drain opening. Do a cleaning as much as possible so you can install the new wax ring later easiy.

Replacing The Flange and Wax Ring

You can start by unbolting the old flange and place the new one inside the hole, then drive in any mounting bolt.

Next is installing a new wax ring around the bowl’s drainage hole. After that, tighten up the flange into the floor. Make sure it is completely tight after you screw it down.

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Installing The New Toilet Unit

Place the new toilet bowl unit carefully. Make sure it is exactly fit to the anchor bolts. It is okay to not succeed in a first attempt, this step is normally a little bit tricky.

Once it is fitted perfectly, create a sealant on the drainage hole by rock it side to side.

Insert The Tank And Other Accessories

Screw all of the remaining bolt to tighten the installation.

Reconnect All The Water Supply Needed

Connect the water line then turn it on.

Create A Caulk Sealant

Final Step! Caulk all around the base of the toilet to create a nice seal.

Get the job done by your self is an ultimate way to save the cost. Beside, you can also choose the items used based on your budget.

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