3 Beginner Tips On Installing Furniture

Installing new furniture or re-installing the old one after you move to another house is sometimes confusing. Simple tips will help you pass through the disaster.

installing furniture from pieces is a challenging job. It is like an adventure, sometimes you can successfully reach the finish line, and sometimes you can completely be lost. But, we have some tips for you to complete the mission by put everything back together.

1. Create Super Careful Measurements

Measuring the space / image via Unpakt.com

In case you need to buy a brand new furniture product, be sure to have an accurate measurement of the space you have and the product you want to buy. There is a chance that when you already buy new good stuff, the size doesn’t fit into any space you have and then it becomes a total waste.

A quick assumption is never be enough to do the measurement. You need to do it with proper tools and real measurement. We never know what has changed from our kitchen if compared to how it was as a brand new building.

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2. Proper Hand Tools

Home Basic Tools / image via Homedepot.com

Talk about a proper tool doesn’t mean you need to have a fancy tool that might just be single use. Instead, there are a few tools that are a basic need for every house, which will help a lot of home tasks. These are the following items we recommend you to have, to ease your home task.

  • Screwdrivers
    This bad boy is a versatile item that is very useful to fix almost every furniture. There is nothing more important than this item in terms of hand tool.
  • Measuring Tape
    As we mentioned above, it is very important to get a precise measurement of every furniture. Simply you can get that without a measuring tape.
  • Hammer
    Other than a screwdriver, some furniture needs to get assembled by nails. Since it considered one of the oldest tools on the planet, a hammer is a must-have item inside the house.
  • Sandpaper 60 – 80 Grit
    Even Though the urgency is not very high, sandpaper is so useful to smoothen the surface of the furniture we have.
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3. Browse and Read The Instruction

The most common mistakes that frequently people make is that they just do the assembly without knowing the available instruction. Taking a shortcut can lead to the following problem almost every time. Carefully follow the step by step to get the result needed.

Installing furniture is a challenging job that sometimes can lead to frustration. If the tips above don’t work, you probably need to hire professionals to get the job done.

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