Take Advantage from Your Corner Walls with These 11 Corner Floating Shelves Ideas

Everyone would agree that the versatility of a floating wall shelves really help for an additional storage or decoration space. It also makes them ideal candidates in home and office organization. With the right wall shelf, the sky is the limit in decoration and design!

But, have you ever heard about a corner floating shelves? Or you have one of them? Right, corner floating shelves have absolutely same functions as any other floating shelves in the world. But, it can give you a lot more benefit than the common floating shelves, of course. It allows you to optimize the space on your corner wall in a room and make it look freshly beautiful and unique. As we know every furniture that comes in a ‘corner specialist’ shape will always have a space-savvy benefit for the owner.

No time for wondering, let’s take a look at our 11 chosen ideas of corner floating shelves. Enjoy!

1. Natural Dark Wooden Corner Floating Shelf

Natural color will always be the best color to fit any kind of room interior. Just like this idea of natural dark wooden corner floating shelf that would easily fit to any of your room.

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Corner Floating Shelves 1

2. Round Light Wooden Corner Floating Shelf

Make it in a calm and stylish look with this round light wooden corner floating shelf. Look at the beauty of the wood color, sure you won’t miss to put your decorations on, right?

Corner Floating Shelves 2

3. Unique Long Vertical Floating Corner Shelf

Or if you need more space for your corner floating shelf, you can adopt this idea. A unique long vertical floating corner shelf that will make you freely to put more books and stuffs as it allows you to have more space from its vertical shape.

Corner Floating Shelves 3

4. L-shaped Wooden Corner Floating Shelves

L-shaped corner floating shelves is the answer to save a lot more spaces under the shelves. Just like this idea of L-shaped wooden corner floating shelves below.

Corner Floating Shelves 4

5. Triplets Triangle Wooden Floating Corner Shelves.

Or you can have this cool triplets on your corner wall. It is always okay to have natural wooden look in almost anywhere!

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Corner Floating Shelves 5

6. Side to Side Rectangular Floating Corner Shelves

You can also transform your common rectangular floating shelves into this unique arrangement of floating corner shelves set. Take a look at the picture below and have some inspirations.

Corner Floating Shelves 6

7. White 5-sided Floating Corner Shelf

And why don’t we take a look at this cute white 5 -sided floating corner shelf? It won’t look sharp and still make the room look gorgeous with its shape and color.

Corner Floating Shelves 7

8. Dark Brown Round Floating Corner Shelf

In the opposite side of color, we have this idea of dark brown round floating corner shelf to complete and emphasize the corner space of the room.

Corner Floating Shelves 8

9. L-box Shaped Floating Corner Shelf

Extra safe space with this L-box shaped floating corner shelf. Really interesting for an interior design.

Corner Floating Shelves 9

10. Simple Rustic Wooden Floating Corner Shelf

Here is a simple idea for you if your need is a simple rustic wooden floating corner shelf. The simple natural look really worth our space and money.

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Corner Floating Shelves 10

11. Different Sized Triangular Corner Floating Shelves

Corner Floating Shelves can be an interior design statement too, even without any decoration on it. But how? Look at the picture below and have a nice time experimenting with the size of the shelves.

Corner Floating Shelves 11

How was it? Got any idea to put one or a set of corner floating shelves in your lovely room? Don’t take too long time, adopt the idea and have a beautiful functional room! And don’t forget to take a look at the tips on decorating wall shelves after you decide which idea is your favorite. Thank you for reading and do not hesitate to share any idea with us!


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