Summer Warm Spirit in Creative Wood Garage Doors

Most of people would forget to put detail more to their garage door design. It perhaps become such less important thing compared to other urgently need to be set up room like living room and bedroom. Surprisingly, exterior designer would strongly suggest you to be more giving attention on your garage door for two reasons; it protects your vehicle and it shows everyone outside stranger fresh and impressive of house alike. Well, why you don’t check the following wood garage doors ideas below to believe on their statement more?

1. Gardenia Breath

The reflection of shiny sun light falls perfectly on this wood garage accent. It somehow is being so important to make sure the sun light lights your garage free since your vehicle is there. There you go!

Creative garage doors

2. White Juicy

If you are living in a tropical hemisphere, you would be so missing the falling of snow on winter so you embody it by designing this white snow juicy garage door with wood line tripped. So enchanting and beautiful.

creative juice:

3. Modern Sliding

Living in a modern residence hills makes you have to attach a composed garage door in elegant suit. This probably the best idea for you then. The sliding door instalment would never failed you.

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Wood Garage Doors

4. Conventional Grace

Trying to live healthier for the shake of Earth sustainability? Then you must have no car. No wonder you only need less spacious garage to save your bike there. Look how the year sign is attached there. Impressive!

Garage Door Maintenance

5. Rustic Styling

The owner must be an artist, or at least, they likes art and knows exterior design well. Look how they replace the boring metal sliding garage door into wooden parquet with some accent there. How creative!

Rustic Garage Doors & Openers

6. Asian Solid Wooden

It’s so Asia, it smells so tropical, and it is all worth! You would feel like just living in a paradise made from wood with chic garage door design. Classy.

Solid Wooden Door

7. Perpetual Dimmed

Don’t know why but this elegant and simple wooden garage door has just remind of typical navy residence in U.S. It of course has more touches with the wood accent, but similar enough. Again, it is really worth to try!

dimmed wood

8. The X Factor

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At the beginning it is only ordinary wooden garage door, but the additional creative hand sculpture has just made it so extra ordinary with the X sign trapped there. Elegantly rocking!

garage doors

9. Faux Wood Paint

You will never be surprising if you will notice this faux wood with glossy touched be founded in luxurious residence. It offers a classy and sophisticated glow even at a glance!

faux wood paint on metal garage door

10. Mediterranean Wood Stone

Once you get long break, fly your soul and body to Pasific hemisphere since you will easily get impressed even just by looking at their Mediterranean wood stone garage door!

Garage Remodeling

11. Tropical Canyon Palm

This tropical house needs tropical theme too for the garage door accent. Then this canyon palm application is composing perfectly the outdoor view of the room.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection faux wood carriage house garage doors ...

12. Stone Wood Age

It brings back your heart to the age where everything is so natural and classic. Presenting the everlasting old time model of wooden garage door style with amber rock appliance. It matches so perfectly.

Stone wood age

13. Farm House Saving

The warmness of wood never out of stock. This what is offering by farm house garage model which enable you to save not only your vehicle but all of your storage there.

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cool-wood-garage-kits-washington-wood-garage-kits-wood-garage-kits ...

14. Grey Patio

The accordance and harmonious reflection of modern temptation is bringing by this milky grey wooden garage door. No more words than so stylish and fresh!

patio door rollers

15. White Light Tied

Wood parquet beautify the garage wall, while the Japanese sliding door in white accent do the rest. It extremely matches the ambience of romantic and luxurious at the same time.

garage doors tie in with the front door

16. Contemporary Wood Shine

The typical contemporary yet vintage wooden garage door can be easily applied if you know well how it modifies your house total outlook. It is so fresh and airy!

Wood garage doors in Austin Texas

17. Eastern Europe Red Brick Style

Like living is going to be forever, this modern rustic house design is more completed with the red brick garage door will kidnap everyone’s sight seeing even at their very first time looking!


18. Tuscon Customs

The everlasting beauty of traditional and modern harmonies into one model of Tuscon customs wood garage door. it is so lovely and well designed.

Wood Garage Doors


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