25 Stunning Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas

The diner is a wonderful moment to spend with beloved people. To accomplish that goal, you definitely need an excellent dining room window treatment.

A window can be an important point in a matter of interior decoration. It can bring a specific mood and atmosphere to people inside the house. Especially in the dining room, where the dinner ritual happen.

We have collected 25 from people most stunning window treatment for dining room for you.

1. Shabby Chic

When the interior tone color is shabby chic, adding more shabby tone in your window treatment will create nothing but harmony.

Shabby chic dining room/image via houzz.com / Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design

2. Dark Scheme

A dark folded window blind is good to be paired with a clean white window frame.

Dark Scheme Dining Room / image via louvershop.com

3. Calm Brown Folded Curtain

Showing the wood looks in many furniture can brings warm.

Warm and modest dining room / image via blindsgalore.com

4. Modest Grey

The white walls on every side are bright enough. Add a balance by using a ‘dirty look’ grey window blind.

Rustic white dinning room / image via

5. Uniformed Pattern

The classic and casual dining room is perfectly combined with a uniformed pattern long curtain.

Classic Family Dining Room / image via blindsgalore.com

6. Maximum Height Hanging Curtain

Sometimes you don’t have enough room height but you want to make a luxury feel. Hang your curtain right below your ceiling to get the right height.

Grey Domination / image via Collins & DuPont Design Group / houzz.com

7. Elegant Indigo Color

A certain design should be adjusted with the other furniture part color scheme to reach harmony.

Robert Allen Design / image via store.lynnchalk.com

8. Contrast Color

To make something as a focal point, choose the calm color for other furniture, then use a bright color such as yellow on the things you want to stand it out.

Contrast Yellow / image via loremjournals.com

9. Christmas Dining Room

You can also adding a leaf wreaths over the window glass.

Wild Striped Scheme / image via ballarddesigns.com

10. Add More Space

By hanging your curtain on the top ceiling of your room, you will make your room feels bigger.

Over High Big Windows / image via etsy.com

11. Modern Clean

A combination of 2 clean colors is beautiful. For example, is this white-yellow tone dining room.

Yellow Focal Point / image via bestwindowtreatments.com

12. 3 Color Curtain

It is a nice combination between white, calm yellow, and brow long curtain.

Kinfield Townhouse / image via flickr.com/ Polygon Realty Limited

13. Semi-Transparent

A semi-transparent curtain that looks like an insect net at first. But it brings a relaxing calm scheme when it looks closer.

Semi Transparent / image via curtains-ideas3.tk

14. Flowery Curtain

Increase the feminism feel inside your house by using a flower pattern on your curtain.

flowers window treatment / image via ketkes.com

15. Middle Age Pattern

The calm cream-colored furniture is best combined with a middle age pattern window blinds.

Classic Pattern Curtain / image via idei-dekoru.com

16. White Shade Semi Outdoor Dining Room

Enjoy the view of twilight inside your Semi-Outdoor dining room.

Blue dining room with a bright light / image via picgratz.com

17. Filter The Light With Drop Window Curtain

A cream based curtain with full geometric pattern in brown color.

Uiformed Pattern Window Curtain / image via yesandyes.org

18. Warm Roman Window Curtain

Not sure if it’s Roman or Persian Carpet style that used in this curtain. One thing clear is that the classic design brings a warm atmosphere when combined with the right lighting.

Relax Roman / image via fandrinteriors.com

19. Lively Blue

Once it was a boring monochrome room until a Tosca curtain installed and lead them to a reborn.

Low Saturation / image via gorgeousglam.balogspot.com

20. Modern Perfect Composition

A white transparent window shade is a perfect blend to this modern room composition.

Pine wood focal point / image via ikea.com

21. Solid Chocolate Drop Curtain

When you choose to use colorful furniture, never think to use a transparent curtain. Instead, use a solid colored one.

Wooden desk with globe-like base / image via architectureartdesigns.com

22. Tiny Dining Room With White Shade

A rolled white window blind gives a nice shade to brighten your tiny dining room.

White and grey dining room / image via ikea.com

23. All White

In a formal dining room, it is also good to use an all-white style to give a clean look.

All white dining room / image via inspiredlivinginteriordesign.com

24. Gradational Long Curtain

It is an eye-pleasing to see a green curtain that fades out slowly as it goes down.

Green Gradation / image via cococozy.com

25. White and Black Strips

A fanatic monochrome lover can also get creative by creating a nice style of dining room curtains.

Black and white stripes / image via traditionalhome.com

That’s all the best-choosen dining room window curtain. Be free to choose which will you apply to your dining room.

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