Show Your Passion with These 12 Red Leather Sofa Ideas

Leather furniture can offer that other fabrics can not. Leather enhances a room in a way material can not. It appears alive and changes shade depending on the light and shadow in the room. As leather ages it becomes more supple and soft, so as time goes by, instead of looking worn and faded, a leather sofa acquires a whole new life. We’ve talked about modern leather sofa ideas before, but what if we point on a specific color for a leather sofa?

Red is a powerful and beautiful color. It’s the color of fire, love, passion and blood. Red works in all sorts of decorating styles, from sleek modern to country cute, but it’s a dramatic color and to use it in a space is to make a statement. A red room is a fearless room.

Let’s combine the advantage of leather sofa and red color by having some ideas of red leather sofa. There are thousand of red leather sofa ideas around the internet, but we’ve collected  14 ideas just for you. Take a look and have some inspirations!

1. Modern Red Leather Sofa

Modern room concept often misinterpreted as a boring space by choosing the boring and monotone color of the decoration. To emphasize the brave taste of the owner, picking red color as the color of the furniture is a great idea. This red leather sofa is a great idea to be a part of your modern and passionate room.

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Modern Red Leather Sofa

2. Classic Tufted Red Leather Sofa

Perhaps it is never be a complete discussion if we don’t talk about a tufted sofa. Tufted sofa is a timeless piece that can mix and mingle with modern pillows and accessories with confidence. Moreover if you choose red leather to emphasize the power of the furniture.

Classic Tufted Red Leather Sofa

3. Modern Red Leather Sofa

Many people fall in love with the simplicity of modern furniture, including their sofa. But, not everyone have a great decision to have a brave color for their sofa. This modern red leather sofa will help you to make a fresh and passionate atmosphere through your room, and will become the center attention of the room.


Modern Red Leather Sofa Bed

4. Modern Tufted Red Leather Sofa

Although tufted sofa was popular in the Victorian era, it is possible to have it combined with a modern-shaped sofa. Just like this tufted red leather sofa, it is easily give an eccentric combination of old and modern era.

Modern Tufted Red Leather Sofa

5. Red Leather Sectional Sofa

Many people love to have a lazy time in a sectional sofa. If you want to have the sensation, this red leather sectional sofa will complete your desire perfectly. Try to have one!

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Red Leather Sectional Sofa

6. Unique Red Leather Sofa

Have you ever wonder what kind of sofa that is match a unique and artistic personality? This unique-shaped red leather sofa might be the best answer.

Unique Red Leather Sofa

7. Dark Red Contemporary Sofa

Looking for a contemporary red leather sofa among the list? This dark or deep red contemporary sofa might help to inspire you more.

Dark Red Contemporary Sofa

8. Minimalist Vibrant Red Leather Sofa

Don’t worry to have vibrant red as th

Minimalist Vibrant Red Leather Sofa

9.  Stylist Red Leather Corner Sofa

Who said you can’t make a stylish room by only have the right sofa?

 Stylist Red Leather Corner Sofa

10. Round Red Leather Sectional Sofa

Red leather sectional sofa in round shape is not a bad idea. Just combine it with the right rug and table in between, and you have an amazing space for a gathering.

Round Deep Red Leather Sectional Sofa

11. Dark Red Tufted Leather Sofa

Not every room that is already painted and decorated with dark color able to remodeled easily. If you are a little bit afraid to have a sudden red in the center of the room as a sofa, try this dark red tufted sofa. With a comfortable furniture and beautiful color, it will make your room looks more’alive’.

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Dark Red Tufted Leather Sofa

12. Classic Red Leather Sofa

Another amazing thing about choosing red as your sofa color is, you can have them in a modern or even old style. Look at the picture below to have an inspiration about classic red leather sofa. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Classic Red Leather Sofa

13. Modern Black and Red Leather Sofa

Try to combine the red leather sofa with another color to have a unique combination. This black and red leather sofa is a good combination that will emphasize the boldness of its appearance, and become the beautiful center of attention in a room.

Modern Black and Red Leather Sofa

14. Classic Red Leather Sofa with Antique Colored Cushions

Red is a timeless primary color. Look at how red color make this old-fashioned sofa become a timeless asset of your interior design.

Classic Red Leather Sofa with Antique Colored Cushions

After all, don’t forget about the maintenance of your red leather sofa. Protect your sofa from sun and direct light. Like any upholstery material, leather can fade to some degree if exposed to the sun. Have fun deciding your dream red leather sofa!

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