Reasons to Replace Or Repair Your Garage Door Opener

As the largest moving piece in your house, the garage door should charge a lot of regard and attention. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t understand that garage door openers don’t last forever and never consider the possibility of replacement. Garage door repair is necessary if it’s old more than 15 or 20 years if you want to learn more that your garage door repair is necessary or not follow the three steps :

  • Verify that your sensors are mounted no higher than six inches because it may won’t recognize object in the garage door’s path.
  • Block one of the sensors and then press garage door opener button. The door should not close while you’re blocking the sensor.
  • Lay an object that’s 1.5 inches or higher on the ground and again press the close button. The door should close and then reverse direction.

If your door doesn’t pass the three steps, call professionals who have expertise in garage door repair because garage doors are quite heavy and have parts which operate under huge tension, trying to repair them without the proper qualification carries a risk of injury. It is a wise decision to give a call to professionals. There is no room for any mistakes. All of the technicians are highly experienced professionals who will do the repair work quickly, clean and with exceptional attention to the details. Your garage door is not only the biggest door in your home, but it enhances the overall appearance of your home.

Top 4 reasons why your old garage door opener need to be replaced or repaired.

1. Noisy issues

The noisy garage door is nuisance for everyone. If garage door opener has been noisy for months you have to repair the door by any door repairing agency.

2. No outside keypad

Newer model of door have a feature keypads on the outside of the garage door, which require a code for entry. This lets you to give access to people, even when you aren’t home.

3. Home security

Older garage doors were very low on security features. They had fixed codes that could be stolen using radio frequency identifier devices, which may the entryway into the home for burglars.

4. Battery backup

It is frustrating that your car locked during a power outage. In older models of doors the mechanisms often get stuck because of the power fluctuation.

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