Quartz vs Quartzite : Which is Better For Countertop?

It is not even hard to choose which is best for your countertop if you already understand what the difference between both of them.

“Is it quartz or quartzite?” these two similar words are often mentioned among the natural stone lovers. What if I told you that it is not a matter of 2 different kind of natural stone, but it is about ‘which is the natural one?’. Yes, one of them are not natural or you may say ‘engineered’.


Quartz Pattern look / Image Source: Homedepot.com

Quartz is actually a synthetic material made from a fusion of stone chips. It’s mixed with resins and a variety of pigments to form a slabs that is commonly used for your countertop. The producen usually put an additional colors to enhance its look.


Maya quartzite slabs / Image source: Marbletrend.com

On the other side, quartzite is a natural mined rock. It was once sandstone and metamorphosed into the quartzite form. In order to make quartsize available to be delivered to the consumer, it is turned into slabs in the processing plant. The thin slabs comes in form of flooring tiles, wall tiles, or kitchen countertops. Like any other natural resources, quartzite comes with a plenty higher price compared to quartz. It is even at the same level with marble when it comes to pricing. The natural veining patterns and blotches of gray or white are the reason why most people look for it.

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Since both of them mostly used for countertop, here we will explain more about Quartz vs Quartzite which is better for countertop.

The natural and engineered aspect is the focal point that led to any decision in terms of choosing the best.

Unique Patterns

It is different depend on where you need. As a natural creation, quartzite brings highly variative patterns and color. On the spots where you need more organic look, quartzite’s natural unsimiliar pattern is good to choose.

While at some spots where you purposely need to be uniformed look, you can install quartz as countertop.

Scratch Resistance

It is a definitely winning aspect for quartzite. Its various natural pattern can ‘hide’ the scratch damaged area.

Strain Resistance

Quartz is more strain resistant than quartzite. Quartzite needs to be sealed in order to be protected against potential spilled drinks. Quartz, on the other side, doesn’t need any extra protection.

High Heat Resistance

This is an important aspect, especially because kitchen is included one of the area which often related with heat. Quartzite is more resistance to heat than quartz.

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As mentioned above, in terms of price, quartzite is way more expensive compared to quartz. When you considering budget on your remodeling project, quartz is a better option for you.

Afterall, the decision is in your hand. You can wisely considering those 5 aspect to choose the best for your countertop. Both quartz and quartzite possess their subtle differences, but all in all, they are both choice materials for kitchen countertops.

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