More Privacy with These 13 Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Door Ideas

Sliding doors are an aesthetically pleasing way to bring lots of natural light into a room. They are also a highly efficient way to gain access to an outdoor area. Add flair to your ordinary sliding door by giving it a good window treatment.

When it comes to finding the right window treatments for sliding doors, the challenge is choosing something that won’t obstruct your access due to their vertical orientation.  Also, your window treatments should not negate the functions of your sliding doors, meaning you don’t want to block out too much light and you don’t want to obstruct your ease of access through the door.

There are numerous kind of window treatments for sliding doors, such as vertical blinds, built in blinds, curtains, sliding panels, vertical cellular shades, plantation shutters, etc. If you are looking for some ideas about window treatments for sliding doors, here we’ve collected 14 the most recommended ones. Take a look and have some inspirations!

1. White Blindfold

This window treatment comes in white color, makes the room look bigger and give an instant privacy from outside the glass sliding door.

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2. Matchstick Window Treatment

This idea of matchstick window treatment for sliding glass door is perfect for you who wants a natural look for the shades.


3. White Louvered Shutter Window Treatment

This idea of white louvered shutter window treatmen will give you a double privacy for the glass sliding door. You can also have a double look for the room connector.


4. Cream Ripple Fold Curtain

Give a calm window treatment for your glass sliding door. Create the atmosphere with this idea of cream colored ripple fold curtain.


5. Brown Panel Blinds

If you don’t want to block all of the light from the outside of the room, this idea of brown panel blinds window treatment might satisfy your needs.


6. White Panel Blinds Window Treatment

Another choice for panel window treatment for sliding glass door: the withe colored one. Good for any kind of room interior since white is a neutral color.

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7. Built-In Mini Venetian Blinds

You can also have this built-in mini Venetian blind to save the original look of the glass sliding door.


8. Gray Sash Curtain Window Treatment

This is one of the window treatment choice for you if you don’t want to block all the natural light from the outside. With an extraordinary color for sash curtain, gray color would give a unique touch for a room.


9. Brown Sash Panel Curtain

Or you just want a natural color for a sash curtain for your glass sliding door window treatment? Look at this idea of brown sash panel curtain below and have some inspirations.


10. Light Brown Roller Blind Window Treatment

A very efficient roller blind window treatment for your glass sliding door, comes in light brown color that will make a calm atmosphere to your room connector.


11. Red Vertical Blinds

Make it bold and brave by choosing red as the vertical blinds color. Your glass sliding door window treatment surely will make the room looks ‘alive’.

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12. Light Blue Vertical Blinds

Another color choice of vertical blinds for a glass sliding door window treatments. Beautiful, isn’t it?


13. Back Tab White Sash Window Treatment

Here is one of the most recommended white sash curtain for your glass sliding door window treatment. Beautifully elegant, but doesn’t block all of the lights from the outside.


Before adopting the ideas above, don’t forget that you have to match it with your existing windows treatments. And of course,  operate in the same direction as your sliding glass doors.

If you are looking for some door ideas, you can also take a look at our interior french doors and glass interior doors. Hope you enjoyed the post!


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