10 Best Pottery Barn Kids Table and Chairs for Your Kids First Furniture

September 11, 2016

Activity time will now have its very own spot when you set this adorable table and two chair set up for your kiddo and a friend!Little ones will log many hours of coloring time on this table by us. The table has a built-in drawer to stash supplies and rounded corners for safety. So, what are you waiting for anymore? Go check out our collection below of pottery barn kids table and chairs below!

1. Old School Red

Let your kids experience their very first drawing activity upon this barn pottery table and chairs set while they can always explore anything they want to know. It is kind of cute and impressive as well.

Pottery Barn Red
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2. White Blast

Kids word is all about playing and exploring. As a good parents, simply let them explore their first drawing activity right above this white barn furniture model which is so lovely and cute to accommodate their necessity.

White Pottery Barn
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3. Pinkish Nail

Having a daughter is truly a great blessing. We know it so well hence we create this pinkish pottery barn table and artistic chairs for complete their golden moment. Looks so cute and calm.

Peach Pottery Barn
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4. Boyish Wood

On the other hand, having a boy is another great challenge. Usually their stuffs are way simpler than girl ones, but doesn’t mean you don’t need to give them unspecial one. This simple and modest boyish model of pottery barn table and chair for example. It is rushing and amazing!

Wood Black Pottery Barn
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5. Pastel Pieces

Let your daughter obtains her sweetest memory of childhood as much as possible. Put her to play with her imaginary friends of the barbie doll above this pastel table. Invite their real friends also a good idea though!

pottery barn kids farmhouse table
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6. White Wood Lock

Again, boy will never put too much attention on what their parents offering. It is kind of different with this sparkling white in wood shaped. Lovely and solid!

white pottery barn with traditional style
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7. Pink Veil 

When the time comes, you will tears a river on your daughter wedding day. Wait, it is still quite longer, actually. At least for now, try to practice yourself by this pottery barn model. The time will come soon, in fact.

Finley Play Table Girly
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8. Goldilock Stool 

Do you need a set of stools for your play group community? This would be one of the best investments you probably need to have. Simple but looks so stunning!

Values Stool Pottery
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9. Immortal Brunette 

Sitting and singing together will be never so flat as long as you let your kids to sit above this cute brunette stool benches. It s kind of beyond cute and surprising!

Farmhouse Play Chairs
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10. Feminine Palette 

Let your lovely girl explore her creativity through out her canvas above this sparkling white table and pink chairs! Nothing will beat her!

Carolina Small Table in Pink and White
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