You Need to Read These Tips to Make Your Living Room Livable from Its Wall Decorations

The development of the interior design today is more advanced. Home design used to be boring and not too attractive. But now, there are a lot of choice even for every single room in our house for its design. One of the important rooms in our house is living room. As it is not only for the family or house’s member only, but also for the guests.

Living room is where the family gathers. They spend most of the time bonding with each other in front of the television or plainly conversing with each other. It is also where the family accepts guests and spends time catching up with friends, relatives, and even neighbors. That is why if we often talk about decorating a room, living room should become a priority.

Perhaps we are too often to see wall art treated as an afterthought. Where in fact, wall art matters most in interior design. However, if you’re a little nervous to give wall decoration for your living room, you can use this post as a guide on how to decorate a living room wall.

1. The Space on The Wall

Start by finding out how widely the size of the walls of your home. Then estimate the wall area that will be filled by decoration. Do not put the paintings that occupy the whole wall or painting that is too small. Consider the harmonization between the empty and decorated wall.

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2. Artworks

Be wise in selecting valuable art objects to be placed in your home. For example a painting or work of an antique plate. An artwork does not have to be too expensive. There are many paintings that are affordable to your pockets.


3. Fit Your Personality

Remember that a good home design will describe the personality and assure the comfort of home owners, also in the choice of wall decorations. Choose favorite things and interests. Selection of such objects will evoke your mood and a sense of comfort when it is inside the house. For example, a miniature car, plane, or traditional vehicles.


4. Harmonization

In addition to considering the personality you have, in choosing wall decorations you also need to consider the suitability of the house decoration. For classic home design, choose ethnic, handmade and antique styled objects. As for the minimalist home design, you can put an abstract painting.

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5. Unique Objects

Put some unique decoration in the living room to give a surprise to the people who visit your home. Make them jealous with a rare wall decorations that you have. To get a unique wall decorations, you can look directly at shopping centers or hunt on websites that sell antiques.


6. Paintings Frame

In selecting the frames of paintings, there are two factors that need to be considered. The first is its shape, try to choose a frame that is unique and different. Can also be seen from several decoration paste such as broken glass, traditional ornaments, or seashells. Then consider the color used by the last frame. Adjust the color of the frame that corresponds to the painting.


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