7 Brilliant Mudroom Ideas – What is Mudroom? How To Build a Good One?

What is the real definition of a mudroom? Also get inspired by smart ideas to build your own mudroom in your house!

A brief definition

A mudroom is defined as a home’s casual secondary entrance and a dedicated space to remove (muddy) boots, coats and wet clothing before entering the main house. It’s intended to provide storage and ensure the main areas of the home stay clean and tidy.

It is basically the first filter to put your outdoor dirt such as boots, coats, or wet clothing before entering the main house. A usually mudroom consist of cabinets in the form of storages and some hanger.

How to design a good mudroom?

Some misperception occurred in public is that as a storage to put your dirt, it is normal to let your mudroom get dirt and abandoned too. Big no! By understanding how to design a good mudroom, you will have a nice and clean mudroom so it becomes pleasure to everyone who enter your main house. Here is something you should consider in designing a mudroom:

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  • Make Your mudroom as a central point
    So it will be easy to notice when it gets a little bit dirt.
  • Use separated storages to hides clutter
    You can use baskets to hide your clutter. When you separate the potentially dirties stuff, it will be easier to clean those thing. Just pull it out then clean it separately.
  • Adjust the storages and hanger to fit your family need.
    It will always different based on family member’s daily activity. You can even customize it by adding some elegant lighting. Remember that a good design is always important!
  • Add some bench sitting.
    Every mudroom need a bench so people can sit while take their shoes off.

Mudroom design ideas

1. Simplicity

Simple design is also a key to nice and clean look. Don’t be afraid to use white color scheme. As long as you clean your mudroom regularly, it will keep the nice to look.

simple mudroom. Image source: homeylife.com

2. Next To Your Laundry Room

It is make sense to add a mudroom in your laundry room. In a rainy day after you take your shoes, sometimes you need to take your wet clothes off and put it to the washing machine immediately.

Laundry Mudroom. Image Source: plankandpillow.com

3. Dark Mudroom Scheme

Always there is a space for those who likes dark color. A black colored cabinet is good to be combined with a light brown natural wood.

Dark Colored Mudroom. Image source: Houzz.com

4. Chill Spot Next To Window

Turn your mudroom into a multipurpose spot by add a windows next to it. This mudroom will also be a favorite chill spot for family members.

Window Mudroom. Image source: Homestratosphere.com

5. Shine It Up!

Highlight your mudroom spot by adding a totally different color scheme compared to its sorrounding wall. This is what we called as a focal point.

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Mudroom as a Focal Point. Image source: Homestratosphere.com

6. Natural Wooden Mudroom

While many other mudroom is in white color scheme, you can be different by using an unfinished look of natural wood. It is suitable when your main house’s interior style are also natural.

Natural wood Mudroom. Image source: Gonyeahomes.com

7. Stylish Modern Mudroom

Every design inspiration will not be complete without mentioning Modern Style Design. A simple white domination, combined with a reflective green colored cabinet is a good example.

Modern Cube mudroom. Source: Homestratosphere.com

After all, designing a mudroom is a game of matching the style with your entire house interior design. The most important thing is to adjust your mudroom’s furniture size, shape, and numbers with your family needs.

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