15 Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

A farmhouse styled living room is a good representation of a simple and humble character of the homeowner. Get ready to catch a lot of farmhouse living room ideas!

The reason for somebody decided to makeover their living room into a farmhouse style is usually they attracted to the natural texture of the wood and iron. In modern days, farmhouse design has been upgraded into a modern farmhouse style. The smart combination between modern and farmhouse style is something you should try.

We have collected the best modern farmhouse living room ideas for you.

1. Overloaded Sofa Line Living Room

A big number of a family member or a high intensity of guest transit fits really well with this layout style. However, frequent room cleaning is a definite need to keep away this kind of room from a mess.

U-shaped Modern Farmhouse Living Room / image via homystyle.com

2. Cream Toned Farmhouse Living Room

This living room wants to combine a warm white living room and rustic elements. An exposed huge wood beam even makes it perfect to fulfill its mission.

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room / product on homespecially.com

3. Neutral Farmhouse Living Room

Basically, this is a relative rich component mix that comes from various styles. The black metal industrial style light and a big amount of indoor plants successfully act as a good balance.

Wooden Board Living Room Background / image via homebnc.com

4. Soft Toned Farmhouse Living Room

The basic major elements such as wall paint and the furniture of this living room have a soft toned color. The smart part is that the blue pillows, indoor plants, and several little items purposely have a contrast bright color to give a cool balance.

Cozy Modern Farmhouse Living Room / image via architeworks.com

5. Large Space White Wall Living Room

This living room uses white color paint as a basic canvas. The character begins to show up when an exposed dark wooden beam and some cabinets with the same tone stand out. Hardwood flooring is chosen as a perfect elegance point then.

Large Space Modern Farmhouse Living Room / image via freshome.com

6. Natural Wooden Exposure

The easiest way to bring a farmhouse style looks stronger is by using a high amount of wooden elements. This homeowner has a great taste of wooden furniture since this living room is overloaded with woods. Nothings better.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room With Wood Furniture / image via 33decor.com

7. White Lists Harmony Farmhouse

A low saturation design is used in this farmhouse living room design. There is no element speaks louder than the other. While some people say it will make the entire living room looks boring. In fact, the result is full of harmony feeling inside the living room.

White Lists Rustic Farmhouse / image via homebnc.com

8. Young And Fun Living Room

This farmhouse living room owners try to combine light items that represent a relaxing feeling inside the room. The smart color combination is a perfect match to the leather sofa.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room with Leather Sofa / image via dailyhomelist.com

9. Gray Sofa Farmhouse Living Room

This farmhouse living room exploits the uses of gray colors in a massive amount. Usually, when someone needs to look calm and cool, they put together one same color in one place.

Brown Leather Sofa / image via homespecially.com

10. Wooden Tilted Ceilings

The focal point of this farmhouse living room is the complete wooden ceiling on top of the entire things. The elevation of the ceiling is set high to make the living room feels bigger.

Wooden Tilted Ceilings / image via roomadness.com

11. Brown Leather Sofa With Farmhouse Style

The bold character is instantly elevated by the brown leather sofa existence. The vibes even spread into the kitchen which purposely let open and merge into one with the living room.

Brown Leather Sofa / image via studyspanishroadtours.com

12. Elegant Lux Farmhouse Living Room

This modern farmhouse is very suitable for a young executive. The furniture arrangement is so neat and looks clean. The Black leather sofa is elevating the atmosphere even higher.

Elegant Lux Farmhouse / image via homedepot.com

13. Easy and Playful Living Room

Since your kids are growing to teenagers, this is a perfect time for you to do a room makeover with this young and dynamic farmhouse living room idea. Matching the tone of the sofa and the fireplace, the homeowner wants to deliver the young energy to the guests.

image via houzz.com.au / Judith Balis Interiors

14. Classic Contemporary Farmhouse Living Room

Clean white walls with an accent of wooden boards, basically sound simple. But the things change when the dark brown sofa is added to give a classic look into the entire living room.

Classic Contemporary Farmhouse / image via homedepot.com

15. Calm Vibes Farmhouse Living Room

The lines of the wooden beam upside are really given a natural look to the living room. The strong texture of the wood is balanced with the white and clean ceiling.

image via houzz.com / Marie Flanigan Interiors

It is such a great pleasure to mix and match the best possible elements to use in your farmhouse living room makeover project. Basically, the farmhouse style is a super flexible style to do an experiment.

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