Make Your Pool Looks Attractive by One of These 12 Pool Deck Inspirations

If you are deciding to have a pool in your backyard or somewhere else, first you have to decide the right size and shape of the pool, the good design of the pool, after that let’s have some times to think about the pool deck ideas of it.

Pool decking is essential to the structural integrity and safety of the pool. Pool deck comes in several materials, including stone, wood, concrete and aluminum. It covers and maintains the rigidity of the swimming pool shell wall and also prevents water damage to the deck. The decking offers a safe, non-slippery surface for standing and a handhold once you’re in the water.

There are a lot of pool deck ideas around the internet, but let’s take a look at these 12 Pool Deck Inspirations we’ve collected for you. Enjoy and have some inspirations!

1. Light Wood Pool Deck

One of the advantage of having wooden pool deck is it is cheaper that the other material that usually used as a pool deck. You can steal one of the ideas of wooden pool deck by the picture below. It uses the light color of wood to make a clean and elegant look at the same time.

Light Wood

2. Indoor Pool Deck with Plants

The best thing about indoor pool deck is you can put anything without worrying about the direct sunlight, rain, or another bad condition of outdoor. This idea of pool deck is also take those advantages. You can have concrete pool deck and decorate it with fresh-looked plants around the pool. So refreshing!

Indoor with plants

3. Wood and Stones Pool Deck

Who says you cant combine more than material of pool deck at the same place? Look at the picture below and have some inspirations on combining those materials.

Curvy wood and stone surround

4. Gray Concrete Pool Deck

For a curvy pool and the need of concrete deck, you can have small concretes. Small concretes ease the work on making a good curvy shape around the curvy pool. It is also can be shaped as many unique  pattern of arrangements.

Gray stone

5. Warn Colored Concrete and Stones Pool Deck

Creating a warm colored pool deck? Let’s take a look at this warm-colored deck. Made of warm-colored stones and concrete, really good to spend your summertime or even a pool party. Take a look at the picture below to see the example of the concept.

Warn stone

6. Dark Wood Pool Deck and White Stone Pool Frame

As wooden pool deck creates an elegant look for a pool deck, let’s emphasize its beauty by framing the pool with white color. You can use white stones for it. Steal the amazing look just like what you can see from the picture below.

Dark wood and white pool frame

7. Unique Wood Above Ground Pool Deck

Do not let your above ground pool deck looks boring. Take a look and copy this idea of unique wooden above ground pool deck and have a good time!

Inground swimming pool deck ideas

8. Minimalist Wooden Pool Deck

If you are concerned about having all of your interior and exterior look in minimalist concept, your pool is always have a way to look like what you want. This wooden pool deck proof that it can be as awesome as your elegant minimalist room in the room. Looks like a 5-star private swimming pool, right?


9.  Stained Concreted Pool Deck

Concrete can be used to come up with virtually any design type for a pool, concrete has great flexibility when used for swimming pool decks. Steal the benefit of concrete pool deck and the beauty look by having this pool deck design. Sure no one would leave the pool area easily by the comfort of its material and look.

Concrete Pool Deck

10. Above Ground Pool Surround with Colorful Plants

If you think it is impossible to make your above ground pool look amazing, you are totally wrong! Have some colorful plants and cut them into some unique shape, and your above ground pool will look just so amazing!

Beautiful Plants

11. White Wooden Pool Deck with

White is never fail to give an elegant and clean look. Choose the right design to realize your dream white pool deck. The picture below shows one of the best white wooden pool deck ideas which is inexpensive, but give the stunning look for even a small and simple pool.


12. Wood Pool Deck with Good Bottom Lighting

For everyone who love to take a swim in the evening or having some relaxing time in the pool at night, the lighting of the pool should become a big attention for them. This idea of wooden pool deck with a good lighting might be a good idea. Look at the picture how stunning the pool deck will look if you maintain it with the right choice of lighting.

Wooden Pool Deck with Lighting

After having your perfect choice from the pool deck ideas above, don’t forget to think about the maintenance of the material you would choose to have. Good luck for your pool deck project!

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