How to Maintain Your Room Temperature using Android App

Perhaps everybody in this earth would agree that the only way to measure the temperature is by using the thermometer. The changing of a temperature can be measured by this useful tool. But now, if you are an android smartphone user, you can measure the room temperature without having a thermometer.

By transforming your android phone to be a thermometer, you can easily measure the room temperature around your smartphone. One of the free android apps that could transform your phone to a thermometer is Smart Thermometer. Here are some ways to maintain the room temperature using your android app.

1.Download the App

First thing first, you have to download the app and install it to your phone from the play store, for free.

Smart Thermometer 3

2. Run It and Learn

After installing, run the application and let it measure the room temperature.

3. No Temperature Sensor? No Problem!

If your phone doesn’t have any temperature sensor, turn your GPS on and it will help you finding your location and set the accurate temperature of your place.

Smart Thermometer 2

4. Save Energy

To make it more accurate and help its performance, do not open and run too many apps at the same time.

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5. The Purpose

Do not forget your main purpose, make sure your room is in the right temperature to make a comfortable place to stay. You cannot use this app to change your room temperature to be in the ideal one, as the app’s only represent the function of a temperature. You can use your air conditioner or room heater to manage the room temperature, with the help of the app to show the accurate temperature.

Smart Thermometer 1

6. The Ideal Temperature

20°C is a very comfortable temperature for living spaces while 16°C is sufficient for bedroom areas.

7. Compare with Other Users

One of the good things about this app is, you can compare the temperature of your surrounding with the other smart thermometer user. It can show you the humidity and the air pressure, too.

It is a user-friendly app that probably become your default way to check the temperature instantly. Make sure whether your phone has a temperature sensor or not. From that point you can decide what is the next step on using the app, as what have mentioned before. If you want the complete and accurate result, always turn the internet connection and the GPS on when using it. 

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