Lovely Living Room Ideas 2019, You Try at Home!

Home decor changes every year, just like the clothes. It has the theme and some viral aspects to be included. However, just like clothes again, the home decor has cycles. In this case, we collected some great pictures of the living room decor ideas in 2019 with its uniqueness and new vibes.

The Furry Elements Still Take The First Place

We can say the furry accents are the long-lasting style for home decor. Most homeowners use the furry rugs to cover the home flaws. However, you still need to consider things to make it connected perfectly.

The picture we show above is one of the examples of rug placement. If you have a wooden floor, placing it is a wise idea as long as you pick the best color.

For a white sofa, wooden floor, and the white walls, the ivory white rug is the best choice. It creates a different feel especially when your living room has huge windows. Adding small plants at the corner can be the incredible statement point.

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Go Vintage

The vintage element always becomes the most favorite home decoration. The design is authentic and so comfy for any kind of home space. Besides, most vintage furniture is easy to arrange with its beautiful and sturdy design.

One of our top pics is the picture above with the flowery pillows and couch covers. Things become more fresh with the flowers in the face as well as the standing classic lamp at the corner. You can complete the look with some huge arts placed on the wall with white drapery to stay connected with the furniture. It is such an amazing artwork!

Playing with The Wall Accessories

Modern furniture sometimes is way too tricky to play. Just like the white sectional sofa in the picture. For such a bulky stuff might be difficult to combine with the accessories because this bulky item already makes a statement point.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with some nice modern ones such as thigs we showed you in the picture. For a white furniture, playing with some silver or metal stuff is the wisest and safe. You can hang some frames with different sizes and models, as well as some metal accessories, or simply you can use mirrors.

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Wallpapers Help A Lot

A lot of homeowners complain that home decoration is pricy. We simply couldn’t do it many times a year. But thanks to the wallpapers maker that make this possible. There are a number of beautiful wallpapers which you can try for your next decoration theme.

Flatscreen TV Add Sophisticated Look

For modern home design, sometimes we don’t need to add more accessories. We just need to play with the color palette. Several best color palette to combine are brown, white, cream, ivory white and maroon. This also includes the big windows which make your living room more alive.

The last, for an amazing statement point, the flatscreen TV is a nice option. It is less effort and useful for you too! What do you think?

So, that’s all our quick recap about the living room design 2019. There is no major change though except for the repeating cycle.

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