Living Room Solor Ideas for Grey Furniture and How To Play It

When some people pick the warm colors, there is one shade that probably makes you fall in love with its neutral look. Yes! It is grey. In fact, this is one of the most picked items when it comes to furniture, but it is such a shame when a homeowner always fails to make it look warm. Instead, everything comes so gothic, plain and boring. In this article, you will see some livingroom color ideas for grey furniture that might blow your mind.

Grey Plus Blue

The downfall of the grey color is the cold and the sad feeling when you fail to combine it with other shades. But sometimes, you don’t need to think about the complicated scheme. Just pick the blue shades as the statement point and some white accessories to balance it.

Be Bold

Being bold is not a wrong thing when you want a warmer look. Instead, you don’t need to hesitate yourself to pick the bold color. Some yellow furniture combination can level up your living room into the next level.

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Do It All Out!

If you think the darker shades are your true personality, just be all out! Combine all the dark colors like dark blue, brown and the grey furniture. Adding some patterns on the wall will give you a different feeling. However, keep in mind you position your lighting set well so your room gets enough light and comfort during the day.

Grey and White

Other color ideas you can try is white. It always looks the best match for the grey furniture. However, there is one risk you should notice that when you don’t set other elements properly, your room will become so plain instead.

A good trick you can try is giving enough lighting with the huge windows. Especially if you have great scenery. Good views, breezy air, and a nice sunlight. What a perfect combination.

Bring The Nature In


Did you know that the grey color also works well with the natural color? Well, you can try it by including some greeny elements like small plants for accessories on the table and also some green pillows on the sofa. It is well connected.

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Colorful Patterns

This is what we like from grey furniture that we are free to pick a warmer color as the accessories. Even as bright as you want. Some homeowners love picking the colorful pillows and it is OK if you set them there because it can be the best statement point. This even changes your look dramatically.

What About Black?

This is a great idea when you think about the color gradient. The black is the best option you should try. You can have three combinations that dominate your living room. Begin with the white as your wall color, then go with the light grey for the sofa and dark grey for the pillows. And then other elements like cabinetry or your bar table can be the black one. This is an interesting thing to try. Don’t forget to bring subtle color in your living room, for example, the lily artwork that suits your room theme.

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So, that is all our quick tips on how to play grey in the living room. Please share if you like it!

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