Modern and Minimalist Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

If you are building your new home, redesigning your existing living room or even just simply rearranging living room vanities, considering a modern and minimalist living room furniture arrangement is a must to do on your mind. You might say that it is a very easy thing to do but do not miss-understood it. Even the most straightforward parts of living room size space may get complicated if you do it in hurry without determining a good living room layout idea. Due to the essential thing, you must take a look on these professional living room furniture arrangement ideas.

  1. Corner Living Room Setting

Putting the sofa on the corner will make the living room larger and look more airy by the window outside viewing.

Arranging Modern Furniture Ideas for the Living Room

2. Unique Waiting Room Accent Design

Purchasing unique black and white leather chair and customize it like a waiting room model in the public area are new concept of modern living room idea.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

3. Compact Furniture Arrangement Set

Customizing floral sofa with wooden table and TV cabinet is one simple way idea to design your small living room layout.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

4. Triangle Furniture Set

It is a bit rare used but surprisingly looks so perfect with the sofa set and fireplace fore front.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

5. Glamour in White and Red Accent

A simple long sized sofa and arm chair combined with the bullet lamp create a very warm and friendly living room mode.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

6. Colorful Furniture Theme in Coral Blue Mood

A united theme of the coral blue applied beautifully on the sofa, wall, and some more colorful pillows on the white leather sofa give a super fresh and lively mood on your living room.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

7. Light Front View and Cream Gold Accent

This is very suitable to be applied for a small living room but you want to get such airy and light ambience.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

8. Clean and Fresh in White

Putting only a set of sofa and wooden brown coffee table will make your living room having more spaces to do many more customization.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

9. Modern Contemporary Setting

Look at the mirror between the sofa setting, it is a balancing item to make the small sized living room into a larger and more comfort one.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

10. Stylish Red Arm Chair Accent and Compact Fireplace

A modern furniture represented by the red arm chair set along with the soft brown sofa will make your living a room in a nice and warm arrangement mood.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

11. Small Sized Remained Under the Stairs

Do not worry, you still have a good setting of small living room by putting two set of sofa under the stairs with a fireplace back head.

Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Small Living Rooms Living Room Design

12. Deep Blue Sea Furniture Accent

A fresh ocean mood represented by the blue rugs, pillows and wall paper accent to make your fresh living room accent.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

13. Living Room Dining Room Combo Setting

If you only have a limited space to build your living room and dining room, uniting them by a chic and simple furniture to keep the room space fresh and lively.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

14. Homey and Cozy Vintage Setting

The cost and plain outlook furniture is balanced well by the airplane model painting and green fresh vase outback the sofa.

How To Choose The Best Sofa For Your Living Room

15. Lively in Color Setting

It is very proper to apply colorful furniture into one mix in order to bring such joy and cheerful mod on your living room nuance.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas


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