Living Room Curtains Ideas for Delightful Living Room Ambience

Window is one of the essential part of every room at the house. A house needs window and of course, its curtain, not only to provide a good air circulation and sunshine light, but also a gorgeous complement of the wall. Window is mainly needed in a living room since this room is the most frequent used by the family to do some activities. This is the reason why window and the curtain have to perfectly match the living room mod to create a cozy ambience. Especially for the curtain, it can go along toward living room style and personality. If you are planning to design your living room with a suitable curtain, here are some living room curtains ideas for a delightful living room ambience you might give it a try.

  1. Classic White in White Mood

A lovely living room decoration with the white waving lace curtain and sofa will make you never leave your home.

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Living Room Curtains Ideas

2. Cream Soft with Vase Accent

Simple cream soft curtain made from thick fabric with a ethnic vase is very stylish to decor your living room.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

3. Japanese Fabric Stripped Blue and Lime

It is more like a classic and a bit vintage living room design with a blue lime stripped Japanese curtain style.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

4. Modern Classic Style with Vase and Pillow Accent

Gold cream is surely bringing the elegant and modern ambience into your living room, completed with the flower vase make it just more elegant.

Favorite Living Room Window Curtains Ideas

5. Yummy Black and White Cake Accent

Super unique black and white cake pattern turns out your mood into a delicious and warm one!

Living Room Curtain Ideas Modern

6. Old-Fashioned Gold Cream Mood

This vintage gold cream curtain is suitable to be put on your large classic living room style.

Living Room Curtains Ideas


7. Limestone White Modern Accent

By decorating your living room with this white theme, it will turn the living room into fresh and airy looking.

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Living Room Window Treatment : Elegant Living Room Window Treatment

8. White Dominant in Black Accent

High ceiling chandelier featuring white stripped black curtain is certainly a brilliant ideas for your small but airy living room concept.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

9. Gold Yellow Brown with White Window Accent

The unique pattern of the curtain looks perfectly fitted with cream sofa and and white window treatments.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

9. Simple and Elegant Lace Model in Modern Mood

Without putting too much effort, this white lace curtain in black window treatments is such a lovely choice for you.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

10. Modern Grey in Edgy Style

Grey is most favorite theme when decorating living room wall, but wit is surprisingly looks pretty to be applied in edgy curtain style with pattern.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

11. High Ceiling White Black Stripped

The domination of white in most furniture is balanced well by the black trim on the wall and photo frames.

Curtain Ideas for Windows: Modern Living Room With Creative Curtain

12. Floral in Magenta Mood

Floral curtain will bring your mood to the summer spirit to enjoy the sun shine as much as possible near the window.

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Living Room Curtains Ideas

13. Classic yet Vintage in Grassy Flower Concept

The plants printed motif on the curtain balances the formal living room accent.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

14. Cream Lace with White and Grey Accent

Cream lace and grey slipper chair perform a chic and minimalist outlook by the white romantic window.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

15. Sunshine Yellow in White Mood

Super contrasted light yellow curtain fill other plain mood on the living room furniture to bring your spirit up most.

Living Room Curtains Ideas


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