Let’s Craft an Enchanting Table Setting with These Tricks

Naturally, the dining table will be the center of attention, so you’ll want to make sure it makes a great impression on your guests. Creating or crafting an enchanting tables setting is the perfect way to dress up your dining table when company comes calling. Moreover, in time you hold some dinner party or gathering. To improve the look of your dining table and satisfy your guests by the look of the table, here are 7 tricks on crafting an enchanting table setting, just for you. Let’s take a look and have some inspirations!

1. Buy extra soup bowls, as they have great versatility. Besides holding soup, they can be used as salad bowls, liquid condiment holders, small serving dishes, chip bowls and so on.

soup bowls for table setting

2. Large glass mugs and large wine glasses are the best bet for informal dining. Anything can be served in them, from water to wine, soft drinks to cranberry juice, with a gracious and generous feeling.

Wine, Wine, and More Wine in Chile

3. The table covering can be anything that inspires the appetite. Try sheets, bed coverings or any material on which a hem can be sewn. Go ahead; get creative, be dramatic. The resulting “tablecloth” can set the mood. Lacy tablecloths, for example, bring a romantic touch to the dining experience.

Tablecloth for table setting

5. Fresh flowers are always nice to have on the table. Remember to keep them reasonable in size. If they’re too bushy, it’s hard to see and talk to each other through them. That sounds obvious, but we’ve all been to restaurants where the centerpiece inhibits communication.

Fresh flowers for table setting

6. Soup bowls can be used as dessert dishes if the dessert is ice cream or other such runny after-dinner delight. Lighter, more delicate plates make the dessert seem lighter in calories. A little self-deception? Yes, but why not? We only live once.

Table Vintage Dessert Plates Glassware Dessert Dishes Soho Dessert

7. When serving coffee, set the mood by using either fancy or down-to-earth mugs.

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