Learn and Play at the Same Time with These 11 Kidkraft Corner Kitchen Collections

Make sure your kids have a good and educative advantage from the games and toys they played, because kids will always remember all the imitation they did even for the smallest thing from their play tools.  One of the most favorite things to do as a kid is doing a kitchen play, especially for girl. There is no exception that boys cannot love it because a lot of boys excited to play with it and wondering if they could become a good chief of cook in the future.

Kidkraft has been working creatively with wooden toys and furniture for over 40 years. One of their interesting concept of kids play mate is their corner kitchen play, that we well talk about in this post. So, let’s take a look at the most educative and beautiful Kidkraft Corner Kitchen, just for you!

1. Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Dark Brown and Gray

Every kids deserve to have some good times with a kitchen plays, whether they are boys or girls. As we know everyone should take care of their own meal and any kitchen activity, so should our kids. This Kidkraft corner kitchen comes in unisex color which both girls and boys can have and play with it.

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-1

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2. Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Dark Brown and Blue Accessories

It is also a good choice for both girls and boys. Sure the color won’t hurt any of your interior.

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-2

3. Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in White and baby Pink

Here is the girly look of Kidkraft corner kitchen. No kids will refuse to have a kitchen play and learn with it. Baby pink and white is always good for a girly girl.

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-3

4.  Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Vivid Yellow

If your kid have a cheerful character, choosing a bright color is a good decision for their kitchen play. Look at the cheerfulness of this Kidkraft corner kitchen play comes in vivid orange color and a cute stool. Sure every kid would love it!

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-4

5.  Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Dark Brown and Red Accessories

Here is another version of the unisex kitchen play with red accessories for the kitchen. Sure the kids will have a great time while learning about the kitchen and household activities.

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-5

6.  Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Red and White

Look playful in red and white, this corner kitchen play really attractive and teasing for every kid.

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-6

7. Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Pink and Blue

Looking for another girly design of Kidkraft corner kitchen? Let’s have this pink and blue kitchen play!

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-7

8.  Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Wood and Yellow

This Kidkraft corner kitchen play come in a cute realistic design. With wooden color and yellow, it will make your kids really feel and play in a real kitchen of their own. So realistic and fun!

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-8

9. Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Maroon

Another elegant choice for a Kidkraft kitchen play, comes in maroon color.

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-9

10. Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Blue

No  kid will refuse to play with this blue Kidkraft kitchen play.

kidkraft kitchen corner 1-10

11. Kidkraft Corner Kitchen in Light Purple

A beautiful purple color as a kitchen play for kids? Why not! Let’s have this light purple Kidkraft kitchen play for your kid’s amazing cooking and learning times.

Kidkraft Corner Kitchen 1-11

The most important thing to remember is do not ever part your kids from their gender to learn and play with kitchen set, even with these amazing Kidkraft corner kitchen! Girls and boys deserve to have a good education about the kitchen area. Have a good educative time with your kids!


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