10 Luxurious Kitchen With Dark Cabinets Ideas To Boost Elegance

Upgrading to dark cabinet is about matching the right color scheme and the right material. When you succeed, an elegant and luxurious impression will come up instantly.

Improving a kitchen look with dark cabinet is a little bit tricky. You have to make sure that you choose the right combination. There are so many reason to love dark kitchen scheme. The calm feeling when you step in, the black granit on the top, it is always brings a unique experience.

The question is no longer “is dark kitchen cabinet will work in your kitchen?” but “which dark shade will work the best for your kitchen?”. Here are some ideas for dark kitchen cabinets you can useĀ for upgrading your kitchen.

1. Enhance The Contrast

The secret purpose of using dark scheme is to highlight certain bright colored parts. This balanced contrast between components of the kitchen is simply a harmony.

Exposing light item with dark shade /
source: myforeverbuilders.com

2. Futuristic All Black

A total black scheme have to be paired with a neutralizer element such as warm colored LED strip, or another light and soft stuff. Otherwise the entire scheme will get too dim.

All Black / source: apartment34.com

3. Grey And White

Color combinations and materials are the main key. This grey and white color scheme is something like ‘playing safe’ which is almost work for every situation.

Grey and White / source: Bestdiylists.com

4. Natural Touch of Walnut

A warm morning schene where family members have breakfast together is perfect paired with warm impression of walnut. An exposed white brick can be added as a backgroud wall.

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Walnut / source: Instagram.com/byoungdesign

5. Game Changing LED Strips

Turn your kitchen with a costumized hue LED strip like never before. It is a brilliant choice for those who are obsessed by video game and movie. You can also use an adjustable color LED strip so you can change the color scheme whenever you want.

LED Game / Amazon

6. Peaceful Minimalist

When you have big enough space in your kitchen, never afraid to put some extra dark. A dark wall combined by a dark lamp hanger and a dark kitchen tools, then neutralized by light colored wood is a balance match.

minimalism / source: www.familyhandyman.com

7. Strong Blue

A bold impression on this design will push our enthusiasm to work in every morning. Enthusiasm will be transmitted to the owner of the kitchen, who will share positive energy with each family members.

Strong Blue / source: www.hgtv.ca

8. Harmony of Monochrome

Calm feeling must always be maintained inside the house. One of the way yo can take are by applying monochrome in your kitchen.

Harmony of Monochrome / source: mysteelecreek.tumblr.com

9. Two Colored Synergy

Combining light and dark color can avoid your kitchen from monotonous. A light brown is perfect combination when you choose to use a heavy dark color.

Two Colored Synergy / source: myremodel.org

10. Small Kitchen Trick

The common frighten of using a dark cabinet in a narrow kitchen is making it feels even narrower. By making sure you got enough openings for natural light from the outside, you wont have to terrified by that theory above.

Small Kitchen / source: hoomdesign.com

A good combination from many items of your kitchen is the key to have a perfect color scheme. The possibility to mix and match the item is always open. Good luck!

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