6 Most Effective Kitchen Island Guidelines To Optimize Space

Adding island as a center point is vital for easier access to every side of the kitchen. A Perfect sized island gives you freedom for circulation movement and still fulfill it’s main function.

A whole kitchen design doesn’t feel complete before adding an island to the center of it. Kitchen island is like a main base and the center of every spot in your kitchen. The basic function of an island is to facilitating several job such as cleaning, food prep, or even informal dining.

The problem with islands is sometimes it takes too much space. At the end, it disturb your movement and makes your kitchen feels smaller. Here are guidlines you need to be considered in order to have a perfect size kitchen island.

1. Free Flow Spaces

The main things to be considered is that your island should have 36 to 48 inches of space around all sides.

2. Getting The Right Height

The height of your island are based on which seating you choose. A 28- to 30-inch-high counter works best with a chair; a standard-height 36-inch counter is served best by a low stool; and a 42- to 48-inch counter requires a bar stool. You can also do a multi height island depends on your creativity.

Height adjustment. foter.com

3. Informal Dining Seat Arrangement

The assumption of space needed by each person is 24 inches of width per person. The final size determined are various depends on the number of seat you want to put.

Dining Seat. www.decorpad.com

4. Rectangle Is Not A Must

Find the best shaped kitchen island that will fit well for your space. A semi rounded islands are also good if it really suits your needs.

Shaped Island. feasthome.com

5. Think About Multi Purpose

Sometimes you need to do a food prep on your kitchen island, so marble surface is good for you. But then you also need to get your office work done on your kitchen island, and kids need to do their homework too. A well planed kitchen island size probably will be a good multi purpose spot to get many of your job done.

Multi purpose. www.decoist.com

6. Sink And Other Feature

Adding sink is briliant to optimize the usability of your kitchen island. You can also add a drawer and mechanical feature to your kitchen island.

with sink. www.hoomdsgn.com

By having the right kitchen island size, we can maximize the whole kitchen’s ability, and you can still move around freely in your kitchen area.

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