Inexpensive Storage and Decor: 12 Pallet Floating Shelves Inspirations

Wooden material usually used for  making of furniture items and doors. But now we have lots of new ideas by using pallet shelves ideas at lower budget. Pallet Shelving are essential even in today’s era as well. They are used in several ways but the most essential process conducted by them is that they provide us with storage area and showroom.

What about making them to be floating shelves? They will be more efficient and beautiful in look if you choose the idea and design wisely. Perhaps you get more excited about the pallet floating shelves concept, we’ve collected some good ideas for you to adopt as one of yours. Here are 12 ideas of pallet floating shelves that will satisfy your need of storage and wall look. Check these out!

1. These 3 thick rectangular wooden pallet is always strong enough to store a lot of stuffs at the same time. Look how strong and bold it looks for your wall space.

Pallet Floating Shelves 1

2. You will need a stronger shelf if you want to put more fragile items such as photo frames on it. You can adopt the idea below to fulfill the need of strong pallet floating shelf.

Pallet Floating Shelves 2

3. Here is a rustic example of pallet floating shelf you can get if you need one for a natural burst of your wall. With a touch of natural blue  color combined with the rustic wood pallet, it will easily give a warm ambiance to your wall.

Pallet Floating Shelves 3

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4. How about this glossy look of pallet floating shelf? Really efficient as it has some levels to keep your goods an of course, with an elegant glossy and sleek look of natural dark wood.

Pallet Floating Shelves 4

5. Another 3 pallets base for a pallet floating shelf. With natural light wood that will make a warm look to the room. Good one to place small decorations or items.

Pallet Floating Shelves 5

6. A single pallets arranged in a vertical way is enough to be a storage or decoration floating on your wall. Just like what you can see from the picture below.

Pallet Floating Shelves 6

7. Or you can adopt this rustic white pallet floating shelves to be one natural point on your room? It will really work with some cute decorations.

Pallet Floating Shelves 7

8. Yes, it is always okay to have some recycled wood pallets to be this idea of floating shelves, just like what you can see from the picture below.

Pallet Floating Shelves 8

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9. Pallet floating shelves also can come for a corner space of your wall. Look at the combination of dark color and white on this pallet corner floating shelves below. Really good with the addition of little lighting decoration on it.

Pallet Floating Shelves 9

10. This triplet pallet floating shelves will also look good and useful in a box shape. Look how many things they can store at once. Really helpful, right?

Pallet Floating Shelves 10

11. Or you can have pallet floating shelf in this unique vertical structure. Really good for some light and small decorations!

Pallet Floating Shelves 11

12. This simple and unique L-shaped pallet floating shelf is also good for some small bottomed decoration. Look at the picture below to get some inspirations about the idea.

Pallet Floating Shelves 12

Really teasing, aren’t they? Makes everyone wants to grab and have it as the storage and decoration statement of the walls. Looking for another pallet ideas for an interior design? Take a look at our wood pallet wall ideas that will inspire you. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the post!

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