14 Awesome Industrial Lighting For Kitchen

One of the most vital points of the industrial kitchen is its strong lighting characteristics. While the majority of industrial lighting has a black and dark color scheme, actually you can go unlimited with the options.

Since the most misunderstanding about choosing the right lighting type for industrial style is it has to be always dark, and powerful. Not so many people are open with the blend between the strength of industrial furniture, with another warm element. It is a mind blown to realize that you can go limitless with so many blending options of industrial style.

1. Adjustable Pulley Ceiling Light

Pulley system has the middle counterweight, which holds the light to the desired height. You can raise or lower light easily by pushing up or pulling down the counterweight ball between the two lower pulleys.

Kingso Pulley Light 2-Light / See all view at Amazon.com

2. Industrial 4 Linear Light Fixture

Modern style 4-Light interior linear hanging ceiling light, with white frosted linen clear glass shades, brushed nickel finish add sophistication and style to your home with this elegant design fixture.

Jazava 4 Light Kitchen Island Fitting / View this product at Amazon.com

3. 6-Light Black Metal Wire Cage

This vintage chandelier pendant light fixture in floral pattern design with 6 adjustable arms, can adjust bulbs up or down. Its gold accent can bring your luxury into the next level.

Jazava Industrial Farmhouse Chandelier / View this product at Amazon.com

4. Antique 3 Brass Lantern Golden Cage

Retro style unique lantern design, this lantern pendant light features a gorgeous birdcage and candle holder design complete with clear glass.

Paragon Home 3-Light Antique Hanging Light / View this product in Amazon.com

5. Trapezoidal Pendant Lighting

The trapezoidal pendant light is a unique and dynamic addition inside your kitchen. The inner frame in the middle of the luminaire can be adjusted freely and can be placed in a flat or cross shape.

Smellbt Modern Industrial Pendant Light / View product in Amazon.com

6. 8 Bulb In Rustic Black Wood

One of the best suitbale application for this lighting is by hanging it over your bar. Having this bulb hanging in a small space is almost binding.

Unitary Brand Rustic Black Wood / product via Amazon.com

7. Brown Rust Cage

Absolutely gorgeous lights especially with an Edison bulb. It’s an industrial look with an open feeling. Looks cool when off, and fabulous when they’re on.

LNC Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Island / product via Amazon.com

8. Black Matte Cage Hanging Lighting

This industrial hanging light fixtures will definitely bring a touch of sparkle and glamour into your home. You can use the cage pendant light for illuminating your kitchen.

Pendant Light Black Cage / Product via Amazon.com

9. Island Hanging 3-Lights Pack

This classic hanging light made of clear handblown glass shade with antique bronze metal finish gives a classic appeal to your home. The soothing glow emitted by the hanging light injects a dose of warm coziness into space.

CLAXY Ecopower Industrial 3-Light Pack / product via Amazon.com

10. Bronze Metal Water Pipe

This fixture looks great in industrial styled kitchen. Retro design and Nordic industrial style home decoration. Unique water pipe shape design makes the light looks more special and full of personality.

Lixada retro vintage bronze metal water pipe / product via Amazon.com

11. Three-Light Pulley Pendant Light

A great choice for remodeling cabin to put over the dining area. It is a well-made product and a neat look with the pulley. Let’s off the perfect amount of lighting.

KingSo Three-Light Pulley Pendant Light / product via Amazon.com

12. Metal Spherical Hanging Lighting Fixture

Its open-air design showcases the illumination from the bulb, adding its trendy appeal for your kitchen.

Truelite Industrial metal Spherical Pendant / product via Amazon.com

13. Modern Chandelier 4-Light Fixture Matte

The edgy rectangular shape of the black matte fixture gives a firm look inside your kitchen. It is suitable either for a pure industrial styled room and also a warm styled kitchen which is meant to act as a balancer.

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Lingkai Kitchen Island Pendant / product via Amazon.com

14. Black Metal Industrial Barn Kitchen Light

The matte black metal cup providing a beautiful accents as it makes the golden light shine even brighter. The contrast between matte black and golden light is something more than awesome.

Amabao 1-Light Matte Black Metal / product via Amazon.com

The industrial kitchen is something more flexible in terms of furniture and elements combination. Enjoy your time to do a mix and match remodeling.

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