Reason Why Industrial Design is So Popular

Industrial style lately become one of the most popular architecture design styles. What is actually makes it so good?

The first thing comes to people’s mind when they heard about industrial style mostly is an exposed brick wall, Big and black framed glass windows, an exposed plumbing pipe on top of the ceiling, and lots of open parts. Well basically there is nothing wrong about those perception. But there are many things more you should know in terms of industrial building style.

The History of Industrial Building Style

It is all started in the early twentieth century. As we all might know, the European country once famous for its great industrial revolution. Much industrial building was built to fulfill the need of industrial target of Europe government. But there comes a time when many industrial factories building are closed down.

Then when the need for the residential area was inevitable as cities grew, many industrial areas were converted into a residential neighborhood. As the settlers didn’t change any major thing in the building, they realized that the look of their ex-factory building has a beauty point as a new architectural design.

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The Characteristic of Industrial Design

“It is brave, It does’t hide anything behind”

Those are the best words to genuinely describe what industrial building style is. Rather than covering up the existing design of a factory or warehouse, the residents choose to even highlight the ‘annoying’ things. So the bold character of the design comes up even stronger inside the house.

Exposed pipes, beams and brick with bare walls, concrete floor, and rough ceilings are the normal look of those converted residents. In modern days, in order to bring the same atmosphere, the designers usually do this several common things in their design :

In modern days, in order to bring the same atmosphere, the designers usually do this several common things in their design :

1. Merging Old And New Design

Defining industrial design is basically confusing. It is a successful combination of vintage and totally modern items. Large steel windows and open spaces are oftentimes combined with simple and neutral color tones. The vintage aspect mainly comes from exposed pipes, brick, and the chosen types of furniture.

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2. Furniture Choice

The industrial design atmosphere can strongly be invited by iron and wooden furniture with a dark color. A rustic finished end table is the perfect definition of industrial furniture. The selection of the chair and racks are also a vital point in this design. Together, all of those items combined nicely into industrial space design.

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3. Open-Layout

Today’s industrial design is following its genuine history where it took one room and made it a residential space, that leads to total open-layout. Most industrial design living space is basically one large room divided by cabinets or other furniture.

To balancing all those 3 elements, a big window is required to invite a massive amount of light. So the dark scheme will be covered with a high intensity of that light.

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Basically, industrial is most suitable to be applied in an urban area. But it is not closed the chance to apply it in a sub-urban or another area depends on how successful you can modify it.

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