20 Modern Finished Basement Ideas | Incredible Transformation

A basement ussualy is the place where unwanted items in your house is stored. But what if we can turn this dark and wasteful room to an entertaining room for your family?

As mentioned above, we usually filled our basement with old and unwanted item from the house. At some point this is a normal thing to use the basement as it is. The problems begin when the room becomes neglected, dirty and dark due to its functionality.

Imagine we can change a room like that into a children’s play area or even a comfortable place for family gathering. The important point is to be focus on what your family needs. Here we have 25 inspirational ideas to change your conventional basement into an amazing space.

1. Game Room

It’s a game time! kids will be so happy to have such a cool space down there.

The Attic Game Room. Image source: cbf-fund.org

2. Recreational Family Lounge

A perfect way to spend the time after such a hard day is by gathering in this relaxing spot.

Recreational Family Room. Source: cbf-fund.org

3. Transform to Bright Color!

Change the perception of an old basement by change its color scheme to a bright.

Bright Colored Transformation / Image source www.hgtv.com

4. Glamorous Basement Remodel

Add an extra luxury to your fancy house.

Glamorous Source: Basement / Image via www.hgtv.com

5. Art Gallery

Curator turned artist Fereydoun Ave designed the booth as an installation featuring a number of artworks selected from the roster of Dastan’s Basement Gallery (established in Tehran in 2012). Ave initially showcased his way of living with art in an exhibition titled “Some of My Favorite Things” in Dubai in 2013 and since then, he has been collaborating with the gallery as a curator, advisor, and collector.

Dastan’s Basement is located in Booth C4, Hall 2

Dastan’s Basement. Image source thenational.ae

6. A Home Gym

Contemporary Home Gym. Image source: pinterest.com

7. Home Teather

Watch movies together with families in an underground.

Cozy Home Teather. Image source: gripelements.com

8. Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Brings some joy to your daily washing clothes activity.

Color Bright Basement Laundry Room.
Image source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

9. Child’s Crafting Room

Provide a special room to boost your childs creativity.

Basement Craft Space. Image source: freshome.com

10. Family Music Studio

A strong family consist of musician must have this cool space.

Basement Music Studio. Image source: stagetecture.com

11. Modern Small Bedroom

There’s a hidden time machine in your basement, go to the future!

Modern Room. Image source: gripelements.com

12. Indoor Swimming Pool

When the weather is so hot, nothing better than drown yourself into a refreshing pool.

Underground Swimming Pool.
Source: simplybasement.co.uk

13. Compacted Storage Room

Add an extra storage space with style.

basement storage cabinets with doors.
Source: www.helmuth-projects.com

14. Library

Book is a window to horizon. Now it is in your basement.

Basement Library. Image source: croatianwine.org

15. Basement Bathroom

A quality me time is needed sometimes. Especially when it comes to a sower time.

Wooden Natural Bathroom. Image source: homedesignlover.com

16. Hidden Kitchen

Try experimenting with recept in your hidden kitchen.

Basement Kitchen Model / Image source: zappli.co

17. Productive Home Office

Keep away from any distraction by doing productivity in your basement.

Abandoned to Productive Office. Image Source: ppau.info

18. Playful Kids Zone

No more afraid to lose your kids when they are playing.

Basement Childern Area. Source: www.hgtv.com

19. Glowing Basement Lounge

Make a cool space and show it up to your friends!

Costumized Lightning Lounge. Image source: homedit.com

20. Home Basement Bar

It’s a party down there!

Small Home Bar. Image source: cuethat.com

There’s so many option to remodeling your old finished basement. Now you know how much potential do you waste if you still keep your basement conventionally.

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