How To Remove Chalk Paint From Porous Surface

The problem in clearing porous surface like chalkboard or walls from chalk paint is that the pore will absorb alot of chalk dust. How can we get a really clean surface?

Kids love to paint every available surface in our house. Sometimes when they are done, we need to clean it up immediately. The majority of painted area might be cleaned nicely. But at some parts it leaves the cleaning dust that is so hard to be cleaned. A simple solution like spraying it with water sometimes not helping.

If you make a mistake and use a porous surface with your liquid chalk markers don’t despair. We have some effective solutions for you to remove chalk paint with super clean result.

1. Vinegar + Water Solution

  • First thing to do is mixing water with a little part of vinegar. Do a trial-error to find the best amount of vinegar ratio.
  • Wipe the chalk damaged surfaces with clean cloth which has drowned into vinegar solution before.
  • Wait for about 5-10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, scrub the remaining chalk dust leftovers.
  • Dry the surface
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2. Vinegar + Chalkboard Cleaner Solution

The steps are similiar with “water+vinegar” solution above. The goal is to clean the damaged area with more powerful solution.

3. An ammonia-based chalkboard cleaner 

It will help you clean chalk marker from a porous surface. Some people use window cleaner while some others simply dilute ammonia. Basically, commercial window cleaner is nothing but diluted ammonia with some attractive coloring added.

4. “Magic” erasers

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is one of the common example of them. The micro-scrubbers on these erasers are designed to take on tough stains. These erasers are considered safe to use, but they have been known to cause rashes. We do not recommend using them if you have sensitive skin, and advise against letting your kids use them.

5. The Versachalk Whiteboard and Chalkboard Cleaning Kit

Adding the chalkboard cleaning kit solution to your routine for cleaning chalk ink off glass and other non-porous materials is important because for long-term care, water is just not enough. a

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The kit includes a microfiber cloth and two foam erasers. If you’ve been wondering how to erase chalk ink and prevent boards from ghosting, this cleaning kit is the best method out there. Plus, the cleaning solution is environmentally friendly and safe for use with kids.

Versachalk. Source:

Afterall, you can even preventing this problem by prime layering your chalkboard (when the problem is on the chalkboard).

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