How To Remove Candle Wax From Carpet in 3 minutes

The easiest way to get 6 inches sized candle wax out of the carpet just using 4 items in 3 minutes.

It is horrible things to happen when the wax candle residue stick to the carpet accidentally. We got panic and confuse trying to get it out but it doesn’t work. Candle is a material that will melt due to specific hot temperature. This principle lead to many DIY wax removal using a temperature based tools. This guide is one of the most effective way to remove candle from your beloved carpet.
Actually all you need to completely clean a wax out of your carpet is:

  • Clothes Iron
  • Paper Bag
  • Terry Cloth
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaner (Malco Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Concentrate¬†– See link below)

You will need 3 super easy step to do it. Here is how the magic happen:

1. Roll Out the Carpet

Put the carpet on top of flat and even surface, then flatten it. Expose the damaged area so you can iron it thoroughly. Prepare all of the material mentioned above.

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2. Lay The Towel

Lay the towel or terry cloth next to the damaged area. Put it on the downstream direction of ironing. The goal is to cover the downstream area after the wax is melted so it will spread to the covered spot.

Laying Terry Cloth. Image souce : / Nicky Simeone

3. Set Up Paper Onto The Wax

After the paper is setted on the wax, put a high temperature iron to the top of it. Wait until the wax is melted, then slowly pull the paper to the direction of the towel. You will see the wax sticked to the paper which act as a dry absorbance. A different type of wax can be different in terms of melting point (time), but as long as you follow the instruction it is all the same thing. You will probably need another sheet of paper when the wax has not completely gone yet. Just do this step repeatedly until no more wax is sticking to the paper.

Sticked Wax. Image Source: David Nance

4. Spray The Ex-Wax Area With Upholstery Cleaner

Spraying the Residue. Image Source: Clene

This is the final step to completely remove the micro leftover (residue). Spray it to the area that we have just treated until it nice and wet. Take another terry cloth, fold it twice, then put it onto the treated area. Heat the temperature up by iron it about 15 – 20 seconds. Now all of the residue must be sticked to the terry cloth and you can see the carpet is just a complete clean and nice to see.

Apply the Towel / Image source: P

That is all the step needed to remove candle wax from carpet. The time consumed depend on the area of wax. Remember to prepare an extra paper because you can’t precisely predict the amount of paper will needed. Goodluck!

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