How To Easily Install a Toilet Wax Ring

Installing wax ring in your toilet is usually a big sacrifice of time, and also money if you decide to hire a professionals. Knowing how to install a wax ring can either save your time and money.

A wax ring is a common item to troubleshoot a toilet problem. When the flange is broke, a wax ring is usually used to fix that. With only $10 or less, you can actually buy a wax ring in the most hardware store.

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Disconnecting The Water Supply

You can turn off the water supply line which directing from the wall to the toilet. Basically, you should be able to turn the valve by hand.

Remove as much as water possible from the toilet. Flushing as much as it can be a good start. Then you can either use a specific kind of vacuum, or any other way to suck up the water. After all of that, you can start to disconnect the water supply from the bottom of the toilet tank.

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Remove The Toilet

Firstly, remove the caps that cover the bolts at the bottom of the unit so you can remove the bolts after.

After that you can start to lift up the toilet. Remember to get a good grip so there is no slip will happen.

Remove The Left Over of Old Wax Ring

Remove the left overs wax ring using a putty knife. Since It really need an extra energy to clean this part, so just enjoy your time. The toilet flange is the pipe fitting in the floor, you also need to clean this area thoroughly.

Install The New Wax Ring

Now it is the time to wax on! Some wax ring available in the store might be different in the placement. Some are fitted to be placed on the bottom of the toilet, some other are fitted on top of the flange, just follow the direction of each kind of wax ring.

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After the new wax ring has been installed, the next step is to place the toilet on where it belongs to be. Slowly recenter the toilet unit so there will be no eccentricity.

Pressing The Wax With Your Weight

Sit on the top of the toilet to put an extra weight. The goal is to compress the wax ring and push the toilet into place.

After you sure that the ring is pressed enough, then replace the bolt cover, re-install the water supply from the wall and the bottom tank. Make a several test so you can make sure that there is no leak from the bottom.

That is all the step to replacing wax ring. The quality of this work depends on how careful your action. Goodluck!

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