How to DIY Make Mesh Wreath Step by Step In 10 Minutes

Mesh Wreath is lately famous as an easy craft to decorate a special occasion such as birthday party. Rather than buying it with very high price at online shop, you can make it with a very easy steps.

Lately people uses mesh wreath as a decoration for almost every possible occasion. It spread out rapidly from just a birthday party, then also used in thanksgiving, or even a halloween. Another reason is because it is weather proof so its okay to just hang it on your front door or walls.

There are plenty deco mesh wreath product in many online shops but it is so pricey. Who need to buy it anyway if you can make it by your own. All you need to do is just follow our guidelines to this simple DIY Mesh Wreath.

What you need is. . .

1. 3-4 rolls of 21″ x 10 yard deco mesh ribbon

Deco Mesh Ribbon. Buy it:

2. 12″ Wire Wreath Frame

12″ wire wreath frame. Buy it:

3. Assorted Colors Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaner. Buy it:

How things get done :

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1. First thing to do is cutting the mesh ribbon into pieces for about 30 – 45cm long. Once you cut it, it will naturally curl up nicely.

Cutted Wreath Mesh / Image Source:

2. Tie up the deco mesh pieces with two halves of pipe cleaner. Tie it right at the center of deco mesh piece. You will need two pieces of this pipe cleaner in order to make the bond stick strong to the wire wreath frame. Make plenty of it! you will need to make about 15 pieces if you use 3 or 4 colors.

Wrinkle It With Pipe Cleaner / Image Source:

3. Then tie the pieces down by binding the pipe cleaner down to the wire wreath frame. Don’t be frustated if the shape resulted are not fulfil your expectation. You just need to add the amount of sticked pieces to the wire frame, then slowly it will start to looks rounded.

Pipe Cleaner Wrap. Source:

4. Hang the finished mesh wreath to the door or walls you want it to be.

Hanging Final Result / Image Source:

After you stick enough rolls to the wire frame, you will start to see your handcraft about to looks playful. You can also add as much color variation as you want! Goodluck!

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