How to Decorate a Dining Table When Not In Use?

Dining room is a place where family members usually gather to gossip and spend some family time. When you are not serving dinner or lunch, the dining table remains empty. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can decorate your dining table so that it looks good even when no food is served. You should know how to decorate a dining table when not in use. That way your dining table will look attractive all the time.

dining room table chairs idea arrange
dining room table chairs idea arrange

How to decorate a dining table when not in use?

You can decorate your dining table in different ways. Just be creative and think of ways to decorate it. Here are some great ideas for you.

Fresh flowers

It is a very simple and common way to decorate your dining table. You can place a beautiful vase in the center and buy fresh flowers to decorate your dining table. You should choose flowers that match the décor of your dining room. You can start with white orchids for an elegant look or go for red tulips for an eye-catching look. Orchid is a good choice as it requires low maintenance. They also have a beautiful shape.

Fresh fruits

You can place a lovely fruit dish or bowl and put colorful seasonal fruits on it. The table will look colorful, and your family members will opt to try out the fresh fruits too whenever they pass by the dining table.

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If you have a collection of vases, then you can display them in the center of your dining table. Arrange different sizes of vases in the perfect way so that it looks good. It will create a focal point. When you bring the vases over to the table, make sure that it doesn’t fall. You can place indoor non-slip door mats to ensure that you don’t slip when you bring things to the dining table.

Potted plants

An alternative to having a fresh flower arrangement is to have potted plants on the dining table. Potted plants, like rosemary, require very less attention and care. You can place rosemary plant in a beautiful ceramic pot and place it in the center of the table.


You will find beautiful candle stands in the market which you can place on the table as a centerpiece. You can find tiered stands filled with shells or other decorative items. You can also arrange several scented candles on the table. It will add a subtle focal point to the dining table.

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You can stack up your favorite coffee table books on the dining table when it is not in use. People who gather around the table can read them. Make sure you arrange the books in a way that it looks aesthetically pleasing.


You might have traveled during holidays and have collected souvenirs or artifacts from different places. An unused dining table is the perfect place to display them. Your friends will know where you have traveled and how exciting your journey was.

Tray display

You can place a beautiful tray on the table and display your favorite items. Instead of putting the coasters, kitchen pieces, etc. scattered in different places, you can put them on a wooden tray. It will be both useful and make your table look good when it’s not in use.

Modern art and pottery pieces

If you like collecting pottery and modern art, then you can display them on your dining table. You can arrange them nicely so that they look visually attractive. You can place sculpture, artwork, etc. at the center of the table.

Family photos

You can use the empty dining table to display your family photos. When the visitors stop by, they can have a look at your wonderful photos.

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Feature pendant lighting

Feature pendant lighting can create a great style statement. You will find various beautiful feature lighting for the interiors. Buy something trendy to put over your dining table. You should remember that the pendant lighting has to match your interior.

Dining vignette

There are some items that we need on the table all the time, like salt, pepper, etc. It can be a hassle to remove them after dinner and then to put them back before a meal. You can place napkins, salt, pepper, etc. into a nice vignette and place it at the center of the table.

Before placing anything on the table, you should consider the material of the dining table. Make sure that the centerpieces you choose to put on the table doesn’t damage your dining table. You don’t have to keep your dining table empty when it’s not in use. You can style your dining table between meal times and make your dining room aesthetically appealing.

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