How Do These 17 Oak Wood Flooring Types Differ? See Them In The Gallery!

Oak floor is typically popular because its durability and beauty. You can always pair this type of floor with anything; any theme and home design you like. This typical of wood comes in decades to be the most favorite item for everyone.

Basically, there are three types of oak floor product you need to know, so you will be easier to maintain the floor. The first one is oak laminate flooring which is made by using the direct pressure method technology. The best thing you will understand is when you cannot see the difference between 100% oak boards and the laminate ones. It is even scratch-resistant and more durable. The best oak laminates will last until 25 years. The second option is the plastic laminate flooring. The quality of this kind of product varies. it depends of the cheapest version. The last one is the re-finished solid oak floor which can give the original glory of the oak floor. So, are you curious enough to see types of wood floor. Just check out our galleries bellow.

1. Oak Wood Flooring Texture

This oak flooring picture seems like the same with the teak wood with the same pattern and natural fiber. It also has the same color which will enable you to create a perfect rustic home.

Oak Wood Flooring - Oak Wood Flooring Texture

2. White Oak Wood Flooring

The white oak wood flooring has different hues that can be your second option to design your living room or the kitchen. It is hard and resilient that is filled with the nutty brown hues. The popular advantage for this white item is the durability despite of the versatile look. It can perfectly achieve your expected design at the future. However,  does your home have high traffic?

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Oak Wood Flooring - White Oak Wood Flooring

3. Arizona Oak Swamp White Flooring

So, there is certain character to define the white oak and the red oak one. It not only depends on the types of oak, but also the condition when the tree has grown. At glance, this is difficult to decide whether you will consider this as the red oak even though it is actually the white oak.

The first thing you have to do is by seeing the endgrain, and the rays. Some people will prefer to choose the white item because it is more resistant to rot and can hold any applications we would like to place. However, the white oak is more expensive.

Oak Wood Flooring - Arizona Oak Swamp White Flooring

4. Classic Grade Solid European Oak Flooring

For you who wish a classical and luxurious room, the classic grade oak will be your best item. It looks hard and durable in brown color. This type of wood has been used for several decades ago. With its durability and easiness to maintain, no wonder if the classic grade never last. People will always love this oak wood flooring. However, you still need to drain your money for the super grade wood oak floor, but it is worth it though.

Oak Wood Flooring - Classic Grade Solid European Oak Flooring

5. Oak Hardwood Flooring Prefinished

It looks beautiful with red appearance, but you know that this is the prefinished floors. The prefinished floor is different with the finished one. It even performs better for longer time. Some professionals believe that the prefinished floors will be easier to install without bad odors. Besides you can also refinished it multiple times.

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Oak Wood Flooring - Oak Hardwood Flooring Prefinished

6. Oak Flooring Trully Beautifully Engineered Wood

Well, the soft texture! We wish everything looks perfect after installed!

Oak Wood Flooring - Oak Flooring Trully Beautifully Engineered Wood

7. Natural pattern of wood flooring

We have been many times telling you that the oak wood flooring is luxurious no matter what species you take. Just look at the red oak wood flooring bellow! Isn’t that stunning? We think we would like to have this floor and combine it with contemporary design. We would like to take the white color for the main theme!

Oak Wood Flooring - Other types of Oak Wood Flooring

8. Oak Timber Flooring Hardwood

It is classic pattern of an oak wood flooring. You are free to install this oak wood flooring as you wish, whether you like the parquet styles, wide plank or the regular form like the picture bellow.

Oak Wood Flooring - Oak Timber Flooring Hardwood

9. Smooth White Oak Wood Floor

As the pattern is so unique, we think that this oak wood floor is suitable the most for you who live  with summer all year long. It must be very beautiful when it gets rays.

Oak Wood Flooring - Smooth White Oak Wood Floor

10. Dark Brown Wood Floor

And waw, who can reject this beautiful dark brown oak wood flooring? The traditional living room set including the fireplace and a big chandelier will be the best arrangement. This dark brown plank is so favorable and never result bad appearance. You will not believe how this floor will change the look!

Oak Wood Flooring - Dark Brown Wood Floor

11. Simple Solid Wood Flooring

Have no idea of oak wood flooring style? Just take the bellow picture! It is safe and never lasts!

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Oak Wood Flooring - Simple Solid Wood Flooring

12. Solid Dark Brown Wood Flooring

So, one more solid dark oak wood flooring! The wide plank gives another look to your space!

Oak Wood Flooring - Solid Dark Brown Wood Flooring

13. Natural Oak Wood Flooring

Natural look? Or the white hues? The picture bellow will be your next list! It will give a larger feel when you have the tiny room! Believe it!

Oak Wood Flooring - Natural Oak Wood Flooring

14. Oak Wood Floor Texture Hardwood Flooring

Take this classic appearance and natural feel with this texture hardwood flooring! Then add low lighting with the right setting! See the difference! You have just made an elegant and classy room!

Oak Wood Flooring - Oak Wood Floor Texture Hardwood Flooring

15. Kahrs Oak Trento Engineered Wood Flooring

The kahrs oak Trento wood flooring is leading the flooring product. It is not toxic and sustainable. It is considered to be free from toxic and safe for your child. Begining from 72 years ago, the Kahrs was first introduced in flooring manufacture as  parquet technology.

Oak Wood Flooring - Kahrs Oak Trento Engineered Wood Flooring

16. Kahrs Oak Staffordshire Engineered Wood Flooring

People has missed-conception about the solid wood flooring and the engineered wood flooring. If you think the solid wood flooring is better. You think something wrong! On the contrary, the engineered wood flooring is created to solve common problems we face in handling the floor. This is in fact 75% more stable than the solid wood flooring.

Oak Wood Flooring - Kahrs Oak Staffordshire Engineered Wood Flooring

17. Engineered Wood Flooring Kahrs Oak

Just like we have been talked before, the kahrs oak wood flooring often chosen as the safe plank and beautiful. But when it is come in the form of engineered floor, well we take it as the best choice!

Oak Wood Flooring - Engineered Wood Flooring Kahrs Oak

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