Housewarming Food Ideas for Your Party Blast

House warming parties are so fun and cozy whether you are just moving to a new apartment on the other side of town, or you have just purchased your first home. Often times because of the stress of the move, time it takes to unpack, and a limited budget, housewarming parties do not happen until months or even a year after moving in. Yet, all the while you find yourself wanting to do it– and wishing you could have one sooner. Here some images share some easy tips for putting together an inexpensive housewarming party within the first path of your moving. Enjoy the party and food!

1. Bless Asian Cuisine

Eastern cuisine means there will be much extra delicious meat based food, fresh vegetable, and spicy sauce! Nothing best beaten it at last. Therefore you have to put your house warming outside to let the guest get the fresh air after getting sweat of hot meal.

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2. The Appetizer for Two

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Only want to host a very small but good quality of your moving by house warming with your best friend? Mind to serve the never failed menu of the age; salty pop corn and fruits salad! Simply enjoy it while you watch your favorite series together.

Housewarming Party Ideas | New Party Ideas

3. Stick on Food

Food with stick serving can never have enough for your guests. They will surely love it to taste and taste more. Use variety of foods from fruits to main menu to spoil their hunger!

Housewarming Party Food Ideas Housewarming Party Menu Ideas

4. Light Dessert Dine

Light dine here means the real one dessert temptation of everything sweet and fresh. Yes, your house warming party will be much joyful by serving this delicacy of cake and bread with some fresh fruits there. Don’t forget the fresh juice also!

Housewarming Party Food Ideas Housewarming Party Food Ideas

5. Vegetarian Platter

Who says vegetarian cannot eat something deliciously? Here comes them to beat the stereotype! A full platter of fresh fruits salad with olive dipping and mushroom chips for the companion. It’s harvesting time of vegetables, that’s why be royal with the vegetables there. Best at its best!

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6. Parisian Simple 

The perfect time to hosting a house warming is usually at the afternoon, but everybody is not quite hungry yet. Don’t worry! You can still be the best host by serving them the fruits fondues and cake with the crackers as the appetizer. Never failed!

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7. White Salad Bar

It’s time to be healthier by consuming more and more fruits to spend the new warm friendship with your neighborhood! Spoil them by serving only best fruits quality, and oh, some sweet cakes can be included also.

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8. Sweeten Fondue 

What can make a chill and awkward introduction becomes melted? Something sweet of course! Thus you have to serve your talented skill of cake baking. With some pretty cupcakes will be better!

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9. Carnivore Galore

Watch out everyone, let the carnivore rush up! You can stand there to taste which one is your favorite meat satay. The complete condiments should be included like spicy and sour sauces with extra fried garlic and pieces of salad. Perfect happy tummy!

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Throwing a Great Housewarming Party

10. Simple Mexican Taste

Mexican cuisine is not only about nachos and tortilla. There are plenty of it which you should give a try! Up your house warming into something fun by best quality mozzarella cheese imported from Holland. Heavenly taste!

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11. Giant Platter

It’s there all you need; fresh fruits, yummy and healthy salad, fatty roasted beef and sweet dessert everywhere! Give the name tag on each to make your guest easier detect which one they should pick up first.

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12. Grilled Greek 

Greek food offers you variety of healthy and fatty menu in a table, but for a while, forget about the calories because you are having a good party phase! Worth your time in the kitchen by serving your guest only the best Greek menu just like below.

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