Got No Idea for Your Big Book Storage? These 10 Ways Will Show You How

It’s a little bit hard for a big readers living in small apartments. For those of you who love reading, books are more than a leisure activity: they’re cherished possessions, treasures even if they go unread and unopened for decades. To part with a favorite novel can feel like throwing out an heirloom. Unfortunately, books can also take up more space than other “essentials,” like a bed, couch, or TV.

If a tiny home without books doesn’t feel like a home, don’t despair. You may need to temporarily part with a few memoirs, but you can make some space for others with these creative book storage hacks for small apartments. Here is 10 ideas of big book storage that will help you to save your space and make it looks tidy again!

1. Big Plastic Storage

Plastic storage will give you more advantage in storing big books. It keeps you book clean and make the space look tidy. Moreover, if you choose a transparent one to make your favorite books easy to find.

Big Book Storage 1

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2. Movable Green and Brown Box

Movable storage is a good idea as it save your space and energy. You can place it anywhere you want and move it effortlessly. Adopt this movable green and brown box to store your big books and save the room’s look!

Big Book Storage 2

3. White Movable Box

Here is the white color version of a movable big book storage. Get one if you are a fan of white furniture.

Big Book Storage 3

4. Movable Wooden Storage with Horizontal and Vertical Storage Space

This idea of big book storage will optimize both the vertical and horizontal space. For the vertical space on the top side, you can store big books. For the horizontal section, it has plastic storage as the storage system to make it easier to put any small things.

Big Book Storage 4

5. Movable Metal Basket

Or you might interested in this idea of movable metal basket. The space under it makes you able to store any other things and of course the wheels make it more worth to have.

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Big Book Storage 5

6. Creative Iron Bucket

You can turn an ordinary iron bucket to be a cute big book storage. Just do a little creative DIY things to the bucket, name it with cute name card and voila! You’ll get a cute and creative storage for your favorite books.

Big Book Storage 7

7. Blue Metal Big Book Storage

Here is another unique idea of movable big book storage. Look at the picture below and get the inspiration.

Big Book Storage 8

8. Multi-functional Big Book Storage

Who doesn’t love multi-functional furniture? It is a good news if you are looking for big book storage ideas. This storage is even better if you have a kid. It can store big books, have a big book stand and even a drawing spot!


Big Book Storage 9

9. Wall Shelves for Big Book Storage

If you don’t have any room anymore on the floor,you should start to optimize the wall space. Adopt this idea of wall shelves for your unlimited big book storage space. Your book size won’t as tall as the wall, right?

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Big Book Storage 10

10. Based on Category

You might find your big books easily by putting them in category just like this idea of colorful plastic basket storage. Try it!

Big Book Storage 11

Get enough inspiration for your big book storage? Share with us through the comment box! If you need more inspirations for a storage, you might love to read our post about pallet floating shelves. Hope you enjoy the post!

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