Good Lighting With Natural Beauty: 13 Rustic Floor Lamp Inspirations

Most of people or perhaps all of you love to have some “back to nature” times between the busy days. Some people make it become the part of their daily life, such as choosing natural and rustic concept for their interior design. Rustic lighting fixtures creates all the beauty that give the natural elements used in the decoration. With the advantage you can get from the rustic fixtures, why not having them as the concept of your floor lamp?

If Brass Floor Lamp creates elegant, strong and glossy look, rustic floor lamp will turn the lamp’s look into a heartwarming, calming and naturally unique fixtures. To answer the curiosity of how good the rustic floor lamps look, we’ve collected 13 Rustic Floor Lamp Inspirations to open our point of views. Check these out!

1. Naked Rustic Log Floor Lamp

As everyone knows that floor lamp has a flexibility in their design, just like the other furniture. It doesn’t always have to come with the common lamp shade. If you are going to adopt one of rustic floor lamp ideas, the naked one might be interesting for you. You can see from the picture below to see how it look.

Glacier Rustic Floor Lamp - Rustic Log Furniture by Amish Meadows

2. Rustic Floor Lamp with Square Corner Bell Lamp Shade

What if natural beauty comes with a cute classic bell lamp shade? This rustic floor lamp with natural wooden look completed with a cute square bell lamp shade will totally make you feel like living in Hogwarts!  True, proof it and see the picture below.

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Rustic Floor Lamp at 1stdibs

3. Natural 2 Lights on Vines

This floor lamp looks like it was made of natural vines. Even it looks like the real one, this rustic floor lamp made of metal and reflects a very unique color and look for a 2-light rustic floor lamp.

Light Madalyn Outdoor Floor Lamp, Rustic Wrought Iron | ATG Stores

4. Rustic Farming Brass Floor Lamp

Everyone would love to have an adjustable floor lamp. But how will it look when it comes with a rustic style of decoration? This rustic farming brass floor lamp might be one of good adjustable rustic floor lamps for everyone to have. Work and look traditionally, but still have a strong and tough look from its material.

bellweather copper floor lamp hamlin adjustable floor lamp iron

5. Rustic Floor Lamp with Pine Cone Stand and Bell Lamp Shade

Here comes the look when pine cones adopted to be the signature of your rustic floor lamp. An ordinary look of rustic floor lamp look will turn into a unique one just by adding 3 of the pine cones. Look at the picture below and have some inspirations.

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Rustic Pinegrove Floor Lamp - Reclaimed Furniture Design Ideas

6.  Pine Cone Rustic Floor Lamp

If there are 3 pine cones in a row as the accent of floor lamp’s stand mentioned in the previous idea, here is another look. The difference is it has a bigger size and more rustic and light look.

Brody Timber Pine Cone Rustic Floor Lamp

7. Rustic Floor Lamp with Wood Carving Stand

Talking about rustic floor lamp, it is not a wrong decision to include the carved wood as one of the element of the lamp. For this case, A beautiful wood carving plays role as the accent of the floor lamp stand. Combined with square bell lamp shade that easily beautify the whole rustic look.


8. Rustic Metal Floor Lamp

You are not a true rustic furniture fans until you have this rustic metal floor lamp. The rustic arched floor lamp which can give the room an antique and classic look. Totally worth to have.

Floor Lamp - Rustic - Floor Lamps - new orleans - by PHX LIGHTING

9. Rustic Flower Lights

Yes, rustic floor lamp will give you a multiple advantage by its function and appearance. Steal this rustic flower light look for a flexible floor lamp and have a beautiful heart-warming room!

Rustic Floor Lamps on Rustic Brown Floor Lamp With Clear And Amber

10. Artistic Rustic Wood Floor Lamp Stand

It looks so boring until the artistic rustic wood become the main point of the floor lamp’s look. Look at the picture below if you are wondering to have rustic floor lamp with some artistic wood accent.

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Shade Artistic Driftwood Handcrafted Floor Lamp rustic-floor-lamps

11. Rustic Arched Wooden Floor Lamp

This rustic floor lamp looks so simple yet amazing. Perhaps you can make it by yourself, the rustic arched wooden that would successfully make anybody amazed by its appearance.

Rustic Wood Arc Floor Lamp © by AWalkThroughTheWoods on Etsy

12. Rustic Bear Floor Lamp

You can also adopt the animal character as the theme of your rustic floor lamp. You can see one of the idea f bear rustic floor lamp from the picture below. A mysterious silhouette of ear as the stand of the lamp and some footprints on the lamp shade. What an interesting fixture to own!

Standing Bear Buffet\' Table lamp | Rustic Furniture Mall by Timber

13. Rustic Industrial Styled Tripod Floor Lamp

Have you ever wonder living with a good lighting made of this stunning industrial-styled tripod floor lamp? Sure everybody would love to!

Marine Tripod Floor Lamps Searchlight Vintage Floor Spot SpotLight

Do not forget that you have to choose a lamp that easily fit in with the overall design theme of a particular room. But, if you want to remodel or give a warm and unique touch for your room, rustic floor lamp is the best idea for you. Moreover if you already have a rustic-friendly room concept. Happy trying!


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