Glass Showers Ideas for Modern Bathroom Ambiance

Every bathroom is separated into different functional areas. One of the most essentials is the shower area. It has to be right functional, efficient and of course very comfortable. It is a mandatory since you do your main necessity of body washing with this. Glass shower design can be with glass only on several sides, or all sides with glass. It depends from your desirable privacy level. High quality shower screens and glass shower walls can be transparent, semi transparent, or etched. Also there are colored glass and glass blocks. Here are several fantastic modern glass showers ideas that would offer a truly new and exciting bathing experiences. Enjoy!

1. Red River Enclosures

A contemporary and simple shower space shines in pure transparent and clean look. Create a memorable shower experience by breaking the rules.

Red River Glass Shower Enclosures

2. Glass Custom

A stripe running horizontally across a shower offers the illusion of a bigger space. Consider installing tile in a vertical instead of horizontal direction.

Glass Shower Custom

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3. Durable Faint 

Use an unusual pattern on one wall as a focal point. A graphic mosaic-patterned shower is interesting and inviting.

elegant and durable custom shower doors

4. Light Captivating

The walls of the shower can be with original design and finish – matte, lacquered, with decorations or figures and this will add to the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Captivating Uchannel Shower

5. Shattering Spouse

Shattering Shower Doors

6. Bypass Sliding

A dark shower space creates a cocoon of soothing water. The over-sized pattern of the rock formation softens the angular lines in this shower.

Bypass Sliding Shower Doors

7. Curved Bent

Light cans that create a wall-wash effect can accentuate a bathroom’s well-selected tile. Don’t forget to include lighting throughout your bathroom and shower.

Curved & Bent Glass Shower Enclosures

8. Black Diamond

Using floating ledges for shelves and seating adds a minimalist touch. A custom-designed glass mosaic pattern dominates this shower.

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Glass Shower Doors

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