Get Your Space to be More Organized with These 12 Inspirations of Floating Glass Shelves

Floating glass shelves serve a wonderful function. If you want your home or office to be more organized, floating glass shelves are the best way of doing it.

Floating lass shelves can be an easy and a pleasing alternative to wooden shelving. Walls can be dark enough without adding a further barrier to stop light getting to them. Standard wooden shelves are very practical and can look stunning. The benefits of glass over wood is that glass allows light to travel through it and helps light up the corners.

If you are looking for some ideas of floating glass shelves, you are in the right place. We’ve collected 12 ideas of floating glass shelves that would inspire you, check these out!

1. This set of rectangular glass shelves will have more useful function when it attached on the corner of the wall. Really fit your bathroom or just a simple living room.

Floating Glass Shelves 1

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2. Who said that floating glass shelves cannot come in unique shapes? Take a look at the picture below  to have some inspirations about the shape variations.

3. You can also combine it with wooden material and make it look gorgeous. You can adopt the idea below as your floating glass shelf.

Floating Glass Shelves 3

4. It can also come in a beautiful round corner floating glass shelf, just like what you can see from the picture below. Sure you don’t one to adopt some of this idea?

Floating Glass Shelves 4

5. Here is the clear version of corner floating glass shelf. Really helpful for your showering space and any corner in a room.

Floating Glass Shelves 5

6. If you are not sure about the strength of the floating glass table, you can also have this idea added with hanging rope helping the shelf. But it also give the unique and natural look to the glass shelf itself.

Floating Glass Shelves 6

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7. These idea of modern floating glass shelves is a perfect choice for you who want to transform an ordinary wall into an elegantly modern one with a shelf.

8. Here comes the light from inside the shelf. Who doesn’t love the extraordinary look from the light setting of the glass shelf? Really stunning!

Floating Glass Shelves 12

9. And you can combine shapes of floating glass shelves to this idea. Look at the picture belot to adopt some inspirations.

Floating Glass Shelves 11

10. Simply combine it with a wood by making the wood as the medium of the glass. Look, you can have a simple yet minimalist look from a floating glass shelf.

Floating Glass Shelves 10

11. Or you can combine it with black granite to have a bold and strong look on your wall.

Floating Glass Shelves 9

12. Last but not least, this elegant corner floating glass shelf would satisfy your interior design need from its simplicity.

Floating Glass Shelves 8

Don’t forget to clean it periodically to make the look keep stunning and the material last longer. Looking for another glass-related furniture? You might love our post about glass computer desk ideas.

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If you have any idea and opinion, don’t worry to tell and share us troughs the comment’s column. Thank you for enjoying the post!

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