Get Multiple Advantages with These 14 Standing Lamp With Shelves Ideas

Standing lamps or you also can say floor lamp come in a tremendous variety of styles with beautiful variations in finish, shades and materials. From sleek and modern to simple classic brass to bolder lines and more ornate styles. It also has many advantages for your room besides of the lighting function. Just like what we’ve mentioned in modern floor lamp.

Now you can get a multiple from a standing lamp, when it comes with some shelves. You can store your goods or have more decoration space without bothering your wall shelves of cabinets to make a catchy decor look but less space for your storage.

If you are looking for some ideas about standing lamp with shelves, you are in the right place. We’ve collected 14 ideas of it and sure it is the most recommended designs for you to have. Here are the ideas, enjoy and hope you get some inspirations!

1. 3 Lights Standing Lamp With Glass Shelf In Middle

Do you want to have a simple one but looks impressive? This idea of 3 lights standing lamp with glass shelf in the middle might help you well. Look how fun would it be if you add some decorations, books, or any other thing in your stand lamp. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

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3 Lights Standing Lamp With Glass Shelf In Middle

2. Black and White Metal Stand Lamp with Shelves

This idea of standing lamp is quite space-savvy. With beautiful shaped black metal frame and shelves, but still provides a beautiful lighting from the rectangular shaped lamp shade. Interesting!

Black and White Metal Stand Lamp with Shelves

3. White Metal Standing Lamp with Shelves

Here is the round version of the previous idea. But this time it has three metallic stand and beautiful drum shaped lampshade. Really good for a room with modern concept.

White Metal Standing Lamp with Shelves

4. Tripod Standing Lamp with Shelves

Do you love a tripod shaped stand lamp? Well, you must be in love with this idea. The unique tripod stand lamp with shelves  under, what could be more better?

Tripod Standing Lamp with Shalves

5. Decorative Standing Lamp with Shelves

This idea really answer your need of extra space for your books or decorations but still have a stunning look from a stand lamp. Look at the picture below to see how it looks when it comes in two different color such as wooden brown and black.

Decorative Standing Lamp with Shelves

6. Middleton Standing Lamp with Shelves

Look at the beauty of this Middleton Standing Lamp with it shelves below. How can you resist not to have one of this?

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... Lighting > Torchieres > Middleton Floor Lamp with Shelves by Adesso

7. Log Standing Lamp With Shelf

If you love to have a natural lighting to your house combined with some space of shelves, this log standing lamp would be awesome for you. With natural shape and color, even the lamp shade looks so stunning with the autumn leaves on it. Very interesting!

Log Floor Lamp With Shelf

8. Decorative Brown Standing Lamp with Shelves

This one is a good idea if you have a room in modern concept and when you chose natural color for most of the color of the room. Don’t worry to try one of this!

Decorative Brown Standing Lamp with Shelves

9. Stand Lamp in Black and White Opaline with Shelves

Here is another idea of simple and dynamic, a little bit contemporary stand lamp for your beautiful house. Look at the design of the shelves combines with the stand lamp. Beautifully unique!

Floor Lamp in Black and White Opaline with Shelves

10. Unique Tripod Stand Lamp with Shelves

Here comes the unique one! Another  unique idea of tripod stand lamp with shelves. Comes in beautiful black metal and natural wooden texture and color as the shelves.

Unique Tripod Stand Lamp with Shelves

11. Unique Log Stand Lamp

Here is another idea of unique log stand lamp with shelves. A very impressive lighting comes from the red lamp shades combined with stunning natural shaped wood as the stand and the shelf.

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Unique Rustic Stand Lamp

12. Multi-function Floor Lamp that Comes with Shelf and Charging Station

Do you know that this stand lamp has numerous function? It has a lamp, of course, in a unique shape, simple metal plate as the shelves, and it has some charging ports for your gadgets! And of course last but not least, a very beautiful color and shape.

Multi-function Floor Lamp that Comes with Shelf and Charging Station

13. Old-Styled Wooden Standing Lamp With Shelves

If you want to adopt and old styled ans look stand lamp with shelves, this idea might satisfy you. It might look old but it can store more of your goods but still have a beautiful painted wood as the lamp shade.

Old-Styled Standing Lamp With Shelves

14. Floor Lamps with Two-Tiered Shelves

Another idea for a simple shaped stand lamp with shelves. Really fits a simple room with natural colored walls and furniture.

Floor Lamps with Two-Tiered Shelves

After all, don’t forget the main function of the lamp itself, put it in the strategic where every place you want to have enough access of light would get it. If you are looking for more ideas about standing lamps or floor lamps, take a look at our contemporary floor lamp and rustic floor lamp.


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