Get Your Kids Having Fun Outdoor with These 11 Ideas of Kids Wood Picnic Table

Picnicking is a well-known staple activity of socializing. From casual lunches and barbecues with close friends and colleagues to a long day out for a family reunion, picnics provide an easygoing environment to catch up and entertain all kinds of company. One of the interesting things about having a picnic is that it offers a lot of health benefit.

Doing picnic means you will have a lot of times outdoor. For those with respiratory disorders, breathing clean air helps clear the lungs. Picnic also have a good role in strengthening a family or friend bond. Staying engaged with your family and friends can help build stronger bonds and foster warmth, security and love, as well as feelings of belonging. And there are still many other thing you can get from the activity.

But, what if it comes to your children? It would be a very good experience for them, right? To support the activity, there are thousand of picnic table ideas are available around the internet and magazines. This time, we are going to talk about kids wood picnic table. Let’s straight to the point, here are 11 ideas of kids wood picnic table we’ve already collected, just for you!

1. Natural Wood color with Navy and White Strip Fabric Accent

Who wouldn’t love to spend a picnic time with this wooden picnic table set? Even adults would love to!

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Kids Wood Picnic Table 2

2. Red Colored Wood Picnic Table

Red color will freshly fit to green color of the grasses. You can have the color for your kids’ wooden picnic table. Take a look at the picture below and have some inspirations!

Kids Wood Picnic Table 4

3. White Colored Wooden Picnic Table

And white is not a bad idea for a wooden picnic table. Let your kids have a wonderful picnic experience on this beautiful idea of wooden picnic table.

Kids Wood Picnic Table 5

4. Hexagonal Kids Wooden Picnic Table

Unique shape is always interesting. Wooden picnic tables really fit that rule, too. Adopt this idea of hexagonal picnic table and may your kids have a good picnic time!



Kids Wood Picnic Table 9

5. Vibrant Blue Colored Wooden Picnic Table

Be brave and choose a fresh color for your kids for their outdoor furniture. You can adopt this idea of vibrant blue color as the color choice for your children’s picnic table.

Kids Wood Picnic Table 1

6. White and Natural Wood Color

Every color and texture will perfectly match to white color, including the natural wood color. Look at the picture below, how the color combination will fit your kids’ wooden picnic table perfectly.

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Kids Wood Picnic Table 8

7. Light Wood and Comfy Green Cushions

A picnic cannot be more comfortable when you get your kids one of this wooden picnic table with its comfy cushions.

Kids Wood Picnic Table 10

8. Simple Wooden Picnic Table Set

Will, some kids just need a simple shape of wooden picnic table. Just like this set of wooden picnic table that will easily give your kids flexibility to move the bench.

Kids Wood Picnic Table 11

9. Unique Round Wood Kids Picnic Table

Who would resist not to sit in this cute and unique round wood picnic table. It will also makes your kids very happy to spend ther picnic with the set.

Kids Wood Picnic Table 12

10. Floral Painted Kids Picnic Table

Let your kids have their favorite pattern for their picnic table, just like this floral painted wood picnic table. Because it is really fun to have a personalized furniture no matter what the furniture is.

Kids Wood Picnic Table 13

11. Giant Natural Wood Picnic Table

Last but not least, can you even wonder if your kids and his/her friends will spend a very giant picnic in this wonderful set? Le’s get some realization of this idea.

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Kids Wood Picnic Table12

Got any other brilliant ideas about kids wood picnic table? Do not hesitate to share with us! Hope you enjoyed the post!

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