Warm Formal Atmosphere Living Room Ideas

White, golden cream, grey and any other neutral colors are quite popular to be applied as a living room theme. The colors bring such a comfortable yet elegant nuance for everyone who are being there. Living room ambience depends on each owner personality since it is very personal taste to combine the room mood with people’s taste. If you are now looking for a warm formal atmosphere living room ideas, these samples of living room design might be just into you.

1. Soft Cream Formal Living Room Theme

Cream clearly a safe theme to play a formal yet warm living room nuance with a soft clear lighting from the wall lamp.

Formal Living Room Ideas

2. Limestone Cream Compact Formal Living Room

This living room style has full furniture set with a small remained space to create a formal and compact living room concept.

Formal Living Room Ideas

3. Airy and Lively White Cream Living Room

Looking at outside view by the large window and sitting by the white slipper chair will be such a joyful moment in a formal living room style

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Formal Living Room Ideas with Warm Atmosphere

4. White Brown Living Room with Antique Fireplace

Small living room design with brown wall theme is so perfect to be applied with cream white antique fireplace.

Formal Living Room Ideas

5. White Rustic Modern Living Room

Look at the crystal chandelier and rustic fireplace model, it never fails at all to push your formal living room outlook.

Formal Living Room Ideas

6. Large Open Air Living Room

Large and full of light living room design is perfect choice to create such warm and formal living room concept completed with stripped black and white furniture set.

Formal Living Room Ideas

7. Small Living Room with Two Set Sofa and Cream Furniture

This vintage taste of living room contrasted with the modern table with a fresh vase plant above to compose a cute and perfect formal living room taste.

Formal Living Room Ideas

8. Fresh White Looking Living Rom

White sofa set and curtain is safe choice as it creates a fresh and lively nuance on a living room.

Formal Living Room Ideas

9. Elegant Lime Blue Living Room

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This warm elegant living room concept is suitable for a laid-back mood or relax mood in every detail.

Formal Living Room Ideas

10. Cream Furniture with Blue Chandelier Living Room

The entire living room will be just ordinary, but the blue chandelier automatically change the room mood into a warm and formal one.

Formal Living Room Ideas

11. Classic French Country Living Room

In a winter or windy weather, sitting by the classic sofa warmed by the fireplace will be just the best feeling you ever have.

Awesome Formal Traditional - Classic Living Room Ideas

12. Simple Brown Art Work Inspired Living Room

Fresh and full of spirit mood have earned from the chic stripped table and living wall in a formal situation.

Formal Living Room Ideas Formal Living Room Ideas Modern

13. Connecting Space Living Room

Composing a room into a large one with creative wall art will fit the formal yet warm nuance in a living room.

Formal Living Room Ideas

14. Baroque Living Room

A classic style combining with the contemporary furniture give a birth to a chic formal living room mood.

Formal Living Room Ideas

15. Fairy tale Living Room

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The fabric sofa with chandelier composed with the painting is creating the fantasy moment in this formal yet warm living room concept.

Formal Living Room Ideas with Warm Atmosphere

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