How To Get C-15 Flooring License Contractor

Are you willing to become a licensed flooring contractor? Before that, it is good for you to understand the requirement in order to become a licensed flooring specialist.

Becoming a licensed flooring contractor can widely open the opportunity to get a big income in the construction field. Since a flooring job is a must have existed in a building construction project, there is always a good chance to have this career.

The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is the governing body for all contractors in the state of California. In other words, CSLB has a responsibility to the customer who hires a professional C-15 licensed flooring contractor for high qualified work quality.

This post is about everything to need to know to get a C-15 Flooring Contractor License.

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The Aspect Of The Test

This following aspects are also become the main job for licensed flooring contractor in a real work duty.

  1. Evaluating and preparing surfaces
  2. Performing Calculations
  3. Selecting materials and carpeting
  4. Testing subfloors for moisture and preparing for subfloor installation
  5. Demolition, selection, and Installation of flooring
  6. Cutting and laying out wood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, and rubber
  7. Staining, sanding, and track stripping
  8. Establishing and maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers
  9. Preparing bids, estimating and accounting
  10. Maintaining a safe job site
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All of those aspects will be tested in a real C-15 licensing test. So just prepare your self to master all those difficulties well.

Basic Requirement To Get The C-15 License

The applicant has to fulfil several basic requirements in order to do a C-15 test.

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Have a valid Driver’s License or USA Issued Identification
  3. Have a social security
  4. Not Currently be on probation or parole
  5. 4 years work experience for Company who hold C-15 License.
  6. A qualifying individual to sign off on your experience
  7. A way to prove your experience if the state asks for documentation

More About C-15 Contractors License Test

There are 4 categories in contractor licenses :

A-General Engineering
B-General Building
C-Speciality Classes
D-Limited Specialty Classes

The test will consist of:

  • 115 Question on Contractor LAW
  • 115 Questions on Flooring
  • 3 hours to complete each portion
  • Multiple choice exam done on a computer
  • Closed Book

The Flooring and Floor Covering (C-15 license) Examination is divided into seven key sections:

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1.    Planning and Estimation (26%)

  • Evaluating plans and specifications
  • Evaluating material characteristics
  • Performing job-related calculations
  • Evaluating job site readiness
  • Material acclimation

2.    Subfloor Evaluation and Preparation (17%)

  • Removing existing flooring
  • Evaluating and preparing the subfloor for installation
  • Testing subfloor for moisture
  • Installing under layments

3.    Carpet Installation (14%)

  • Installing tack strip, cushions, and trim
  • Cutting and laying out carpet
  • Seaming and sealing carpet
  • Installing carpet
  • Installing and replacing moldings, etc.

4.    Resilient Goods and Rubber Flooring Installation (12%)

  • Cutting and/or laying out sheet goods for installation
  • Using adhesives
  • Preparing subfloor for installation
  • Rolling and sealing sheet goods
  • Installing laminate, trim, and transitions

5.    Laminate Flooring Installation (8%)

  • Cutting and laying out laminates
  • Installing laminate, trim, and transitions

6. Wood Flooring Installation (10%)

  • Performing moisture tests
  • Cutting and laying out wood
  • Installing wood flooring and trim
  • Filling and sanding wood
  • Finishing wood

7. Safety (13%)

  • Applying personal safety procedures
  • Applying job safety procedures
  • Operating tools and equipment safely
  • Safe handling and disposal of products
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The most important thing is to prepare your personal skill and knowledge as good as it can. Once you hold a C-15 flooring contractor license, you must be ready for any responsibility in terms of quality.

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