How To Fix Broken Window Glass DIY

There are two options when you have to repair your broken window glass. First, Call an expert to fix yours or you can simply just Do It by Yourself. Fortunately, we have made this article to help you fix your broken window without any help from anyone.

A window glass should always look crystal clear on every occasion. But we can never predict the future. There is always a chance of bad things happen. Someday when your kids playing football then the rest you can figure out, and any other possibility of the potential danger for your window glass.

Here we have collated several possibilities of a damaged window by many causes and each different way to fix them.

Scratched Glass and Old Compoud

Like a fingerprint, each window glass problem is unique and has its own solution. When you have a tiny scratch on your window, the best way to fix them is to apply clear nail polish.

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Remove the excess with a clean cloth that has coated a nail polish remover. Remember to do it carefully, because this step potentially creates abrasive scratches.

While an old compound is a brittle mater that easily can break anytime. To fix this problem, you need to replace the glazing compound.

Window Condensation Problem

What is so dangerous about condensation? When the temperature margin between outside and inside of the building is too high, mold and mildew can easily spread. This is also dangerous for the window frame and its sills.

To prevent a permanent problem that caused by condensation, try to balance the temperature between outside and inside the window. You can add ventilation such as bathroom fans.

If the permanent problem happens, the only solution is to replace it with the best quality of a thermal window. We will explain how to replace window glass later.

Problem With Metal and Vinyl Windows

Some homeowners choose to use a metal or vinyl sills on their windows. To fix a problem with this kind of sills, simply remove the parts that hold the glass. Then replace the broken glass with a perfect sized new glass as a replacement. Remember to tape a newspaper if necessary to prevent the broken pane to fall out wildly.

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1. Replacing Glass With Rubber Seals

Unscrew the sash halves and remove the inside one. Brush out glass fragments, set a new pane against one sash half, replace the other half of the sash, and secure the sash parts with screws.

2. Replacing Glass With Continous Rubber Gasket

As usual, unscrew the vertical end of the sash then pull the end out from the sash. Remove the old glass then install the new one. Finally, secure the end of the sash.

3. Replacing Glass With Snap-Out Molding

Insert a putty knife into the two ends encounter to pull out the piece of molding’s end. Pry the molding carefully so you can replace the damaged part easier. Then push each molding piece into place nicely.

Wood Windows Problem

Firstly, remove the old putty to remove the broken glass easily. Removing the old putty will be easier with a help of heat gun.

Make a putty bed for your new pane. Then put the pane in place and remove any excess puty. Make the glazier compound / putty as smooth as it can using a putty knife.

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Once the putty compound dry, paint it to match the color with the sills.

Those are some possible type of broken glass case. By understanding the right source of problem, you can fix your window glass correctly. You can also call the professionals to fix a larger window pane to avoiding any risk.

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